Companies show towers can reduce reliance on grid energy: The combination of two renewable energy sources means the site can theoretically be operated on a stand-alone basis without utilizing its cable connection to the electrical power grid – assuming the weather allows for it.
Despite almost a decade of increased attention, delivering sustainable energy solutions for those forced to flee their homes is now further away than ever. A key problem is the progress has not been able to keep pace with increased levels of displaced people forced to flee their homes.
The average fridge in the US consumes more electricity in a year than an average person in dozens of countries. These massive energy inequalities, as well as human suffering from lack of energy, are important to appreciate before high-income countries make wholesale policy decisions for the rest of the world.
Ideally, philanthropy can work with countries to create an “enabling environment” that leads public and private investors to fund large-scale shifts to clean energy. If successful, that would benefit developing economies, give millions of people access to electricity and cleaner air, and help combat climate change.
Nona Desalination says it has developed a device capable of producing enough drinking water for 10 people at half the cost and with 1/10th the power of other water desalination devices. The device is roughly the size and weight of a case of bottled water and is powered by a small solar panel.
The risks to the most vulnerable from extreme heat are growing because of a lack of access to sustainable cooling. People will remain at high risk if we fail to meet key SDGs that enable access to cooling: universal electrification and eradicating extreme poverty.
The investment in Solstroem supports the further development and scaling of the company’s software platform, which enables solar home system distributors and other solar off-grid operators across Sub-Saharan Africa to issue and sell carbon credits on the international Voluntary Carbon Market.

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