Eiffel Investment Group is partnering with investment advisory firm Finergreen to set up a financing mechanism for electrification and energy transition in Africa. Initially, the fund will mobilize $200 million for renewable energy professionals.
The report, ‘Renewable Energy Market Analysis: Africa and Its Regions’, shows that Africa is prospering significantly from development enabled by renewables, while greatly improving energy access and offering profound welfare and environmental benefits to people across the continent.
Electric Vehicles (EV) are fast becoming a mainstay of daily commutes around the world. Africa is not excluded in this new movement with burgeoning sectors looking to change the way African cities move – and breathe! FORBES AFRICA looks at how the EV market is moving in East Africa.
How can we ready the grid for 21st century electrification without the construction of expensive new large-scale energy infrastructure? When considered properly in planning grid upgrades, software-based, distributed energy systems can help avoid costly construction of poles, wires and power plants.
The 52 kW containerized solution is being developed by German start-up Solarbakery. The bakery’s production process was adapted in such a way that the majority of electricity consumption is already incurred during the day and is only baked briefly in the dark before dawn.
What will happen if fossil fuels go into an unexpectedly rapid decline, with around a third of their existing market vanishing by 2030 and most of the rest in the course of that decade?

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