Discussing alternative financing mechanisms has become a mainstream topic as Africa struggles to scale up money used to build renewable energy projects. A big problem is the implementation of sustainable business models to fund ongoing operations and maintenance.
As citizens of Africa, we have been conditioned to believe we are helpless in a global world. It is time to take back control, write our narrative and be the masters of our destiny. It is up to us Africans to realize this potential and become champions in the climate debate.
Backup diesel generators have been a “permanent” feature in the C&I sector in a lot of African countries. Recent advances in battery storage and the rise of the more affordable and safer cobalt-free LFP battery solutions could finally present a viable opportunity for large scale stationary storage to displace some of these diesel generators.
Poverty is undoubtedly one the most dreaded living condition ever known to humanity, feared by both those who have experienced it and those who have not. But for some people, poverty remains a daily reality, no matter how much they try to wish it away.
Africa has the world’s greatest solar energy potential, World Bank data analysed by Statista shows. But investment is needed to harness this solar energy potential in Africa. Africa is one of the regions most at risk from climate change, although it only emits about 4% of greenhouse gas emissions globally.
The Power Up campaign calls wealthy nations to greatly increase climate adaptation funding. The campaign will initially focus on five African countries with the potential to be trailblazers in growing energy access – Kenya, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa and Tanzania. But in 2023, Power Up is set to expand its focus on countries worldwide.

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