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Due to increased success in Europe and strong African ties, Bobsolar, a supplier of powerful solar energy systems is broadening their offering across Europe and entering the African market. The first regions to benefit from these energy-producing and cost-saving systems will be countries in the East African Community, the ECOWAS, and South Africa.
With this loan, Yellow plans to bring access to electricity to an estimated 89,000underserved households in sub-Saharan Africa. With Oikocredit’s support, Yellow will be able to give low-income people in Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda and Zambia both access to clean energy and a path to ownership of off-grid solar products.
UK-based Chariot has announced the acquisition of Eneo Water PTE. The Singapore-based company supplies and installs decentralised renewable energy water desalination solutions in Africa. Eneo’s project aims to provide drinking water to the communities around the Ghoubet wind farm over the next 20 years.
A group of civil society organisations in East Africa have called on governments as well as oil companies to invest in clean energy instead of creating new fossil fuel-driven projects. The call was made the day drilling for the Kingfisher oil project in Kikuube district was launched, marking the first oil wells in the country.
Husk Power releases financial data showing that it’s possible to build profitable minigrids in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. According to financial data released by Husk, the company became EBITDA positive in the fourth quarter of 2022 in two of its main markets – Nigeria and India.

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