Our two advisory facilities are open year-round to accommodate your request:

This prize offers more than just a $50,000 financial reward for the winning applicant. Finalists gain access to a network of experienced industry leaders and receive media exposure to showcase their innovation. The winner will also benefit from access to Factor E’s post investment support . Gain the resources and recognition you need to accelerate your agritech journey, grow your innovation, and create impact.

Startup|Energy invites innovative entrepreneur who are looking to transform the energy supply and livelihoods in SubSaharan Africa to the Energy Camp 2024.

From 18 to 23 October 2024, the Energy Camp will take place in Nairobi, bringing together up to 12 visionary founders. For an entire week, entrepreneurs will engage in an intensive programme that includes interactive training sessions, networking opportunities with other innovators and tailored workshops.

The iF SOCIAL IMPACT PRIZE supports projects that contribute to improving our society. If you work towards achieving one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, your project is eligible.

Applying is free of charge. Every year iF Design donates EUR 100,000 to support the best projects submitted to the iF SOCIAL IMPACT PRIZE. Your project should already be established and you can apply with the same project a maximum of two times. Student concepts will not be accepted.

The Beyond the Grid Fund for Africa (BGFA) is launching a new funding round in Mozambique to support the scale-up of productive-use-of-energy solutions. This is BGFA’s sixth Call for Proposals to incentivise clean off-grid energy solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We’re on the lookout for tech startups that will transform how businesses operate, and founders who want to improve the world we live in.
Are you an early stage tech startup looking for seed funding?
Realise your ambitions and pitch for up to $1m at the Shard, London, UK.

Open end

The African Startup Awards connects the best of African tech startups across the continent to a global network of leading investors and innovation ecosystems. The African Startup Awards will offer startups access to: New Markets, Funding Opportunities, A Global Network Of Leaders and Exposure On A Global Stage

The facility operates across the off-grid, mini-grid, and grid-connected (utility) sectors. CLASP and Nithio identified six appliance technologies based on their relative maturity and potential to drive development impact – walk-in cold rooms, refrigerators, electric cookers, fans, mills, and solar water pumps.
Facility operations will also generate a foundational data set on appliance market activity and the developmental impacts of appliances, improving our collective knowledge base on appliance performance, national markets, and consumer experience and satisfaction.

Are you an innovator, entrepreneur, NGOs, Entrepreneurship Support Organisation, investor, or governmental organisation passionate about making a positive impact in the face of climate change? We invite you to join the Adaptation Innovation Cluster in Tanzania and be at the forefront of building a resilient future for our communities.

CEI Africa invites green mini-grid developers to apply for outcome-based grants that subsidize the implementation of PUE strategies connected to operating GMGs in the target countries: Kenya, Uganda, DRC, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Madagascar, Mali and Benin. Partnerships with PUE providers, distributors, and manufacturers are encouraged. CEI Africa anticipates launching the official call for pre-qualification in the 8 countries on 5th September 2023.

OPEN will invest up to $100,000 in women-led businesses within the energy sector in Africa, growing their business by providing access to funds and expertise to maximise their impact and profitability.
We are looking for  women-led businesses in the Energy sector with an annual turnover of more than 25,000USD per year and with at least 3 employees.

Working in partnership with Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs), UECCC has put in place a loan programme that enables households and commercial enterprises acquire solar systems on credit.
The objective of the programme is to address the affordability barrier posed by the initial upfront cost of acquiring solar systems.

We invest equity, convertible debt, and debt in early and growth-stage businesses that provide climate-smart solutions, and demonstrate sustainable competitive advantage, good management, and ethical business practices in agribusiness, commercial forestry, renewable energy, water, and waste management.
We seek to maximize inclusive impact through commercially sustainable SMEs.
For Early Stage Businesses, we provide US$ 50,000 – US$ 200,000 in debt, convertible debt, and /or equity, business growth support for max. 7 years tenure.
For Growth Stage Businesses, we provide US$ 100,000 – US$ 1 million in debt, convertible debt and /or equity, business growth support for max. 7 years tenure.

Spark+ Africa Fund is a $70 million impact investment fund that invests in scalable, next-generation companies offering clean, modern distributed energy solutions for cooking to the mass market in sub-Saharan Africa.
It is a true “triple bottom line” impact fund, financing profitable and scalable companies tapping into a massive total addressable market for cooking energy solutions and enabling millions of African families to stay safe and healthy and save time and money.

DEG provides funding of 500,000 to 749,000 EUR, which constitutes a maximum of 50% of the total investment volume. Private sponsors must contribute a substantial share of equity (at least 25% of total investment volume). DEG’s funds must be repaid in the event of success of the company (depending on pre-defined financial criteria such revenue or profit).

Innovations that have already been tested in a specific environment and / or on a limited scale but are not yet utilized by our target group. Limited funding for testing and verifying innovative ideas (proof-of-concept).

SCAF provides financial support on a cost-sharing and co-financing basis via private equity funds, venture capital funds and project development companies through its three Support Lines. SCAF does not support individual projects on a one-off basis.

DIV supports groundbreaking ideas to transform lives and maximize USAID’s impact per dollar.

Innovative solutions come in many forms – whether a product, technology, service, or application of a creative business and delivery model. DIV is an open door to USAID – anyone, anywhere can apply at any time. USAID provide flexible, tiered grant funding to test new ideas, take strategic risks, build evidence of what works, and advance the best solutions. We look for solutions that demonstrate rigorous evidence of impact, cost-effectiveness, and a viable pathway to scale and sustainability.

OMDF or the Off-Grid Market Development Fund provides financing to companies and institutions involved in the distribution of solar products (pico-solar products and solar home system kits) with the mission of accelerating access to sustainable electricity in Madagascar.