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The remote Bassari community have to make difficult choices about how to adapt to many changes that are linked to climate change. Courtesy Anna Porcuna Ferrer
It cannot be said that the island state of Madagascar is at the centre of the international off-grid industry’s attention. However, a lively off-grid sector has been developing here for several years. It is therefore important to realise that the World Bank is currently causing serious damage to this local solar industry.
The push for clean energy technologies is not just about innovation but also about sustainability and resource efficiency. A recent UN report sheds light on the vast amounts of valuable metals like copper, aluminium, and rare-earth minerals present in electronic waste, highlighting a potential goldmine for the energy transition.
Energy poverty reflects a lack of adequate, reliable, and affordable energy for lighting, cooking, heating, and other daily activities necessary for welfare and economic development. It is inextricably linked to economic deprivation and social inequity, but energy poverty can also be exacerbated by infrastructural decay and service disruptions.
The broader innovation ecosystem funding for Africa from 9 major funders analysed amounts to 1.4 billion between 2020 and 2023 with the median funding size at $2M. There were close to 200 funding opportunities distributed to over 150 intermediary recipients in the broader African innovation ecosystem.
Mecktilda and Stefano with their solar lighting kit, local agents for Global Cycle Solutions, a solar energy provider, in their village near Mwanza, Tanzania. Photo: Russell Watkins/Department for International Development DFID
As the demand for high integrity, African-originated carbon credits increases, we believe there is a unique opportunity to further leverage carbon markets to address the significant financing gap for climate action in the continent.


Dr. Harald Schützeichel

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