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Despite a crystal-clear value proposition, sustainability and scale for the minigrid industry have been elusive. The key reason is lack of a business model that is sustainable and replicable. Without a successful business model, it is very difficult, maybe impossible, to attract the necessary capital to scale.
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Tanzania’s experience is just one example of an emerging paradox of addressing climate change impacts with more climate-changing fossil fuel.
Solar Training at SENDEA Academy Uganda 2022
Thinking about alternative approaches to power the world has never been more crucial. Beyond the climate-induced energy crisis, war-induced electricity shortages and grid failure-induced blackouts, we must not forget that the number of those living without any access to electricity stands at 733 million.
Figure: Example of Energy Access Explorer’s high-resolution, multi-criteria prioritization analysis. This analysis identifies priority areas which are close to health care and education facilities, far from the power network and where solar and small hydropower potential is significant
Tracking SDG7: Energy Progress report 2022 shows that more than 30 million people in Tanzania (half of the country’s population) are living with no access to basic energy services. Furthermore, the effect of the covid-19 pandemic in recent years has increased the number of people without access.
Photo: Mrüna.
A total of 2.2 million people currently lack access to safe drinking water and half of the world’s population lacks access to safely managed sanitation, according to UNICEF. Most of these people live in low- and middle-income countries. Access to water, sanitation and electricity is an income matter. It decreases as income decreases.
Since 2021 Startup|Energy has accompanied and supported a total of 10 startups from 5 countries in their business development. The young entrepreneurs received intensive one-to-one coaching from experienced entrepreneurs and further developed their business idea in Energy Camps lasting several days.
When COP27 opened in Sharm el-Sheikh, it did so against a backdrop of extreme weather events worldwide and scientific data which show that humanity is not doing enough to tackle the climate change crisis and safeguard the future of our planet.
The Product Insights Series is the evolution of our flagship market mappings. It offers insights into the startups driving selected product markets across Africa’s technology ecosystems.


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