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Africa’s entrepreneurship ecosystem is a dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape with the potential for economic growth and innovation. The continent is home to about 1.4 billion people, representing 16 per cent of the world’s population. The countries in Africa are diverse not only in culture and language but also in economic output.
The Gouda Wind Farm in Gouda in the Western Cape of South Africa. Image via Wikipedia license CC BY-SA 4.0
China is the largest investor in Africa’s new energy market
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In recent years, or maybe I should say in all the years I have been an entrepreneur, because maybe this has been going on for longer than I know, there has been a surge in capacity building programs targeting African startups and small businesses, particularly those led by women.
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Growing up in rural Kenya, I understood the daily struggle of living without electricity. It seemed like a luxury reserved for urban dwellers, something beyond our reach. Instead, my family relied on firewood to cook our meals and kerosene lamps to illuminate our evenings after the sun set.
Source: Brian Kawuma, Power for All
The Twaake integrated energy minigrid was recognized at this week’s Reuters Global Energy Transition 2024 Awards for its work in delivering economical, clean energy to the community of Kiwumu, Uganda.
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The role of solar power (PV) as the best option for meeting the electricity access gap in Africa is underestimated. Carbon pricing and system reliability impacts on pathways to universal electricity access, according to a new study.
When Ifeanyi Ukwuoma’s mother switched from diesel generators to renewable solar energy for her frozen food business in Nigeria, it was the most logical and financially sensible decision. Her energy cost was increasing, accounting for about 40% of operating expenses.


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