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Food waste has the potential to be useful in producing renewable energy, experts say, as they emphasise raising awareness and investing in utilising the waste.
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Every country on earth is at some stage of an ‘energy transition’ — whether they are currently focused on replacing coal plants with renewables, electrifying transportation, expanding electricity services to all people, or deploying alternatives to cooking with wood and charcoal.
In a celebration of engineering innovation in Africa, two Fellows of Startup|Energy – Christopher Maara and Léandre Berwa – are among 16 African engineering innovators shortlisted for the $60,000 Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation. The prize will be shared among four finalists to emerge from the longlist.
The Startup|Energy initiative is offering a unique boot camp for clean energy innovators from selected universities in Uganda, Kenya and Germany: In April 2024, up to 12 innovators will meet in Nairobi to spend a week developing their CleanTech innovations in workshops.
Nearly 1 billion people globally1 are served by health care facilities that do not have regular or consistent power. Unreliable energy disrupts routine and emergency care—from running diagnostic tests to ensuring vaccines stay cold.
@Jack Wolfe, New Lines Magazine
Efforts to address the global climate emergency are leading to an increased demand for renewable energy technology, particularly in the Global North, including electric vehicles and the batteries required to power them.
Satellite providers are helping telecoms operators connect rural and remote communities on the African continent. Addressing connectivity gaps in rural and remote communities is one of the major themes this year of AfricaCom, a telecoms event taking place in Cape Town this week.
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Recent industry data show that pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) companies are collecting an average of only 62 percent of payment amounts owed to them each month. This undermines the financial sustainability of the business model, and places PAYGO customers at risk of losing their purchases.


Dr. Harald Schützeichel

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