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Solar powered water heaters on rooftops above shacks in the Alexandra township in Johannesburg, South Africa. Waldo Swiegers/Bloomberg via Getty Images
South Africans have been battered by power shortages for several years. These have worsened to the point that towards the end of 2022 the country’s electricity utility, Eskom, had only half of its power generation capacity operational.
Startup|Energy is pleased to announce that two more African energy startups have been accepted into the Accelerator programme.
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While the solar market has been growing quickly in Africa, local manufacturing of off-grid solar products is still limited. The vast majority of equipment is imported from Asia where production is centralized.
Feeding Africa’s growing population is a big development challenge for governments, policy makers and agriculture experts. Adding to the challenge is the high level of food loss and waste that most small-scale farmers experience.
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The 2020 World Energy Outlook examines the prospects for accelerated energy transitions away from fossil fuels (especially oil and coal) [1]. Similarly, the Africa Energy Outlook 2022 stipulates that “energy efficiency and renewables—especially solar—are key pillars for building Africa’s new energy economy”


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