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Startup|Energy is pleased to announce that two more African energy startups have been accepted into the Accelerator programme.
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While the solar market has been growing quickly in Africa, local manufacturing of off-grid solar products is still limited. The vast majority of equipment is imported from Asia where production is centralized.
Feeding Africa’s growing population is a big development challenge for governments, policy makers and agriculture experts. Adding to the challenge is the high level of food loss and waste that most small-scale farmers experience.
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The 2020 World Energy Outlook examines the prospects for accelerated energy transitions away from fossil fuels (especially oil and coal) [1]. Similarly, the Africa Energy Outlook 2022 stipulates that “energy efficiency and renewables—especially solar—are key pillars for building Africa’s new energy economy”
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Crowdfunding, particularly through debtbased models, has become an important source of financing in the energy access sector. It accounted for an average of 16% of total investment volumes from 2018 to 2021. In 2021, energy access companies and projects raised $62 million on crowdfunding platforms; over $55 million of this was on debt platforms.


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