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In Uganda, many solar installations in rural areas are carried out by freelancers. These usually have little knowledge of solar technology and are therefore unable to provide customers with professional information.
This blueprint provides a step-by-step guideline on how to conduct feasibility studies for offgrid and edge-of-grid power systems. By following the process, one should be able to conduct an effective feasibility assessment for a photovoltaic based off-grid or edge-of-grid power system.
The climate crisis is a human tragedy. Countries in Africa are least responsible for causing it, but are among the countries most affected. Kenyans feel the impacts daily, including insecurity, hunger and death.
@Husk Power Systems
Sub-Saharan Africa has yet to undergo a full industrial or agricultural revolution. One of the main underlying reasons is a lack of energy. Energy is a precursor to both economic and social development.
Contributions exploring the unintended impacts of development programming have become increasingly prominent in the literature, as the accepted interdependence between the impacts of climate change, on the one hand, and questions relating to sustainable development, on the other.
@Stiftung Solarenergie
Economic forces can play an important role in facilitating energy choice and potential transition. A common conjecture is that the choice of a more efficient and clean energy source is a direct, or at least a natural, consequence of an increase in living standards.
A new longitudinal study by 60 Decibels and Efficiency for Access explores how customers’ relationship with their off-grid appliances changes over time. We captured critical indicators through phone interviews with off-grid TV, solar water pump, and refrigerator customers to track product quality, durability, satisfaction, impact, and uptake.


Dr. Harald Schützeichel

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