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From Crisis to Resilience: The Role of Inclusive Finance in Fragile Countries
Rural Electrification in Nigeria: A Review of Impacts and Effects of Frugal Energy Generation based on some of E-Waste Components
Carbon pricing and system reliability impacts on pathways to universal electricity access in Africa
Scaling Irrigation for Small-scale Producers: the Role of Private Sector Solutions
Powering progress: market creation strategies for solar e-cooking technologies in off-grid and displaced communities
Landscape Analysis & Market Sizing Report: Results Based Financing for Productive Use Appliances to Promote Gender Outcomes
South Sudan: high-level least-cost electrification prospectus
Pay-per-use Business Model: For Scaling Access to Productive-Use Appliances o the Farm Sector
Economic Report on Africa 2024: Investing in a Just and Sustainable Transition in Africa
Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report Semi-Annual Sales & Impact Data July-December 2023
Exploring the potential role of decentralised biogas plants in meeting energy needs in sub-Saharan African countries: a techno-economic systems analysis
The effect of renewable energy aid and governance quality on environmental tax effort in Sub-Saharan Africa
Exploring the Funding Landscape of Africa’s Tech Innovation Support Ecosystem
Life cycle assessment of solar home system informal waste management practices in Malawi
Bridging the Divide: Women, Technology and Business Success
Powering Healthcare in Madagascar: Market Assessment and Roadmap for Health Facility Electrification
South Africa’s Energy Subsidies Inventory, 2023: Data, Definitions, and References
Economic optimization of hybrid renewable energy resources for rural electrification
World Energy Issues Monitor 2024
Adaptation of solar energy in the Global South: Prospects, challenges and opportunities