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Archive Asia (until 2021)
An all-Africa dataset of energy model “supply regions” for solar photovoltaic and wind power
Solar Energy Implementation for Health-Care Facilities in Developing and Underdeveloped Countries: Overview, Opportunities, and Challenges
Supporting Off-grid Solar Startups with Financial Modeling
Economic analysis of an off-grid solar PV for small scale desalination unit
Scaling-Up Renewable Energy in Africa: A NetZero Pathfinders report
Battery Monitor 2022: The Value Chain in the Field of Tension Between Economy and Ecology
Electricity Access, Decarbonization, and Integration of Renewables: Insights and Lessons from the Energy Transformation in Bangladesh, South Asia, and Sub-Sahara Africa
Energy Internet Opportunities in Distributed Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading Reveal by Blockchain for Future Smart Grid 2.0
Nigeria’s energy transition: reforming fossil fuel subsidies and other financing opportunities
Our Solar Future: Roadmap to Mobilize USD 1 Trillion by 2030