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Leveraging Energy Access and Off-Grid Technologies to Realize National Social and Economic Development Priorities
AI for Africa: Use cases delivering impact
Enhancing residential energy access with optimized stand‑alone hybrid solar‑diesel‑battery systems in Buea, Cameroon
Sustainable Cooling in Off-Grid Rural Areas: The Nexus between Access to Energy and Clean Cooling
SIERRA LEONE: Energy Access Diagnostic Report Based on the Multi-Tier Framework
The Critical Link: Empowering Utilities for the Energy Transition
Adapting Spatial Frameworks to Guide Energy Access Interventions in Urbanizing Africa
The electronics afterlife: E-waste compensation a stepping stone to a circular electronics sector?
Fostering Effective Energy Transition
The Solar Home System Kick-Starter Program for Malawi
Tracking SDG 7: The Energy Progress Report 2024
Adoption of residential rooftop solar PV systems in South Africa: A scoping review of barriers
World Energy Investment 2024
EAE Scenarios for clean energy solution providers in Tanzania
Lost in the dark: A survey of energy poverty from space
Batteries and Secure Energy Transitions
Unleashing Change: A practical guide to impact investing in South Africa
From Crisis to Resilience: The Role of Inclusive Finance in Fragile Countries
Rural Electrification in Nigeria: A Review of Impacts and Effects of Frugal Energy Generation based on some of E-Waste Components
Carbon pricing and system reliability impacts on pathways to universal electricity access in Africa