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Decentralised Renewable Energy Solutions for Inclusive and Sustainable Mining: Decarbonising the Mines and Powering up the Communities
Measuring Energy Poverty in Mozambique: Is Energy Poverty a Purely Rural Phenomenon?
Renewable Energy Market Analysis: Africa and Its Regions
Fostering Livelihoods with Decentralised Renewable Energy: An Ecosystems Approach
Fixing the Disconnect Around Energy Access
Energy democracy in Lesotho: Prioritising the participation of rural citizens
Association between rural electrification and agricultural output: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa
Water-Energy-Food Accessibility and Tracking Progress towards Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in the Savannah Region of Katsina State, Nigeria
Conceptualizing community in energy systems: A systematic review of 183 definitions
Towards Harmonious Decentralization of Energy Systems: A Vision of Interoperable Peer-to-Peer Energy Markets