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Using machine learning to expound energy poverty in the global south: Understanding and predicting access to cooking with clean energy
Case Study: Doubling collection rates by putting consumers first, Lessons from Zuwa Energy in Malawi
Consumer Protection in Displacement Settings: A learning brief in protecting energy access for all
Financing Clean Energy in Africa
Powering Climate Adaptation and Justice: The Critical Role of Off-Grid Solar Technologies
Solar Resource and Energy Demand for Autonomous Solar Cooking Photovoltaic Systems in Kenya and Rwanda
Risk mitigation and transfer for renewable energy investments: a conceptual review
CHARGE UP! Battery-as-a-Service: a pioneering business model for driving the e-mobility transition in Africa
Innovation landscape for smart electrification: Decarbonising end-use sectors with renewable power
How do they pay as they go?: Learning payment patterns from solar home system users data in Rwanda and Kenya
Powering Healthcare in Rwanda: Market Assessment and Roadmap for Healthcare Facilities
The cost of electrifying all households in 40 Sub-Saharan African countries by 2030
The Potential of Africa to Capture Technology-Intensive Global Supply Chains
Accelerating e-mobility in East Africa – A case for Kenya
Finnovating for Africa: Reimagining the African financial services landscape
Energy planning in Sub‑Saharan African countries needs to explicitly consider productive uses of electricity
Energy Policy as a Tool for Promoting Power System Resilience: Malawi’s Challenges and Potential Solutions
MECS Study on The Repair and End of Life of Electrical Appliances in Kenya
MECS Study on The Repair and End of Life of Electrical Appliances in Rwanda
Building the Green Economy: Trends and Opportunities for Green Entrepreneurship in Kenya