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Corporate power purchase agreements (CPPAs) for renewable energy, particularly solar PV, represent a small but growing market in Africa. CPPAs allow commercial and industrial customers to purchase renewable electricity directly from independent power producers (IPPs) at a pre-agreed price for a pre-agreed period (long-term).
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Solar activities around the world have experienced an ever increasing rate of digitalization over the past years. And we expect this this trend to continue in 2023, in lockstep with the solar sector’s needs. Below is a summarized list of some of the key developments AMMP is witnessing in the space.
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With the advent of renewable energy and electric mobility, the concern for battery waste is becoming an increasingly concerning issue. Many countries still lack afterlife management plans or processing capacity for retired batteries, yet these batteries retain storage capacity at their retirement.
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While the solar market has been growing quickly in Africa, local manufacturing of off-grid solar products is still limited. The vast majority of equipment is imported from Asia where production is centralized.
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The 2020 World Energy Outlook examines the prospects for accelerated energy transitions away from fossil fuels (especially oil and coal) [1]. Similarly, the Africa Energy Outlook 2022 stipulates that “energy efficiency and renewables—especially solar—are key pillars for building Africa’s new energy economy”
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Crowdfunding, particularly through debtbased models, has become an important source of financing in the energy access sector. It accounted for an average of 16% of total investment volumes from 2018 to 2021. In 2021, energy access companies and projects raised $62 million on crowdfunding platforms; over $55 million of this was on debt platforms.

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