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Sun-Connect News is a leading independent expert portal for decentralised energy supply in Sub-Saharan Africa. Since 2010, we have been providing up-to-date facts and the latest analyses for experts and practitioners. We report on new technical developments, but also on the social implications of decentralised energy supply with renewable energies.

We do not represent the political interests of an industry association or the economic interests of a company, but see ourselves as the impartial mouthpiece of the industry. We send out weekly newsletters so that you do not miss any news that is of importance to your company or organisation.

In the spirit of an open information policy, the articles published always reflect the opinion of the author. This does not necessarily reflect the opinion of Sun-Connect News. When we publish critical reports, we do so in the certainty that new impulses for further development can arise from them.



Dr. Harald Schützeichel


Off-grid pioneer and solar entrepreneur since 2004