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Primitive cooking methods fueled by wood, animal dung, or agricultural residues cause the premature deaths of 600,000 people in Africa annually due to respiratory diseases linked to inhaling toxic particles. Akinwumi Adesina, President of the AfDB, announced the disbursement of $2 billion to facilitate access to clean cooking solutions.
The focus is part of a larger strategy to support businesses that provide for low-income emerging consumers and at the same time gain from the emergence of the “green discount” in some sectors and geographies. LeapFrog is quite bullish on the decentralised and distributed renewable energy segment, specifically, on the rooftop solar side.
Bboxx is a data-driven super platform that is working to help transform lives by unlocking potential through connecting consumers and deploying innovative products across Africa. Bboxx started off as a company that focused on the small home solar system market. The company has since evolved to become a data-driven platform.

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