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Nithio’s investment, made through its investment vehicle, Nithio FI, is part of the Productive Use Appliance Financing Facility (PUAFF), which catalyzes the uptake of productive use appliances across Africa. Nithio’s investment is part of a $12m syndicated debt facility led by Mirova Sunfunder and financed through its Solar Transformation Fund.
ENGIE Energy Access, a leading provider of SHS and mini-grids solutions in Nigeria, has announced that it has impacted the lives of over 3,000 Nigerians – comprising households, businesses, schools and healthcare centres in rural communities by providing them with access to renewable energy through the construction of its mini-grids project.
GreenShift Africa deploys Tradeable’s trade facilitation platform to pay the e-mobility companies’ OEMs up-front as required, while selling to the local resellers on differed payment terms that will be on a Delivered Duty Paid basis. The program takes the e-mobility company’s available cash as a down payment covering a portion of the order value.

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