Solar-powered fridges help transport COVID-19 vaccines in Kenya

DropAccess, one of the two winners of last Energy Camp of Startup|Energy, uses its new innovation to transport COVID-19 vaccines in Kenya.

The Vaccibox is a portable fridge, it is 20kg in weight, and 40 litres in capacity and it is so portable that you can mount it on a motorbike, a bicycle or even a boat or even carry it. And beyond portability, it is solar-powered and it’s integrated with a battery back-up just to ensure that even during the night, and times of very little sun, the fridge is still able to continue operating to keep vaccines cold.

It comes as a whole package solution because it is integrated with an online monitoring capability where we are able to know at any one point where the location of the fridge, the location of the vaccines and also what temperature the vaccines are being stored for, just to ensure traceability of these vaccines.

The fridge also has a USB port for charging devices like mobile phones. It is big enough to hold at least 3,000 vaccination doses, which can be life-saving for a clinic in a small village.

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