Promote the right to education in E-learning

Whereas the closure of schools is appreciated as a measure for containing Covid-19, many educationists believe, that the closure will impact negatively on learning outcomes of many children. Educationists and parents have suggested the adoption of virtual learning as a measure for ensuring that learning continues. The question that then has to be answered is how accessible is virtual learning.

The government should therefore take measures to improve accessibility of e-learning.

The distribution of electricity should be extended to all households across all parts the country. Households to which power from the national grid cannot be extended, should be facilitated with solar energy as it a cheaper alternative, this can be done, by reducing the import tax levied on solar appliances to reduce the prices of appliances to increase access to solar energy. Appliances like solar panels are imported at a high price and taxed highly thus making them expensive despite providing a viable alternative for communities that are far away from the national grid.

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