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The EDF Group invests in the start-up ECOSUN Innovations and strengthens its microgrid offer

The Mobil-Watt® container is equipped with between 9 and 52 kWp of solar panels and gel or lithium batteries in order to provide power for a number of hours after sunset. This mobile solution just needs to be unfolded and plugged in. Very easy to use, it requires no civil engineering works or skilled labour to be deployed.

The ECOSUN Innovations product range also includes containerised solutions whether semi-mobile (Mobil-Grid®) or stationary (Fix-Watt®), generating between 9 and 144kWp, for power suppliers, industry, farming, retail and commercial applications that are off-grid or served by lower quality grids. These installations reduce power bills and carbon emissions by replacing diesel generators with self-generated solar power. They are particularly well-suited for remote villages, hotels, site camps, clinics, fuel stations, pumping stations, irrigation plants and water treatment facilities.

Taking the form of capital increase in favour of EDF Renewables, this investment will allow ECOSUN innovations to step up the pace of its development. Already active in Africa, the Caribbean and South America, ECOSUN Innovations has ambitions to expand into the Middle East, South East Asia and then Australia.

EDF currently operates 27 microgrids of between 10 kW and 10 MW mainly in remote areas. The Group has built up significant expertise in this field over a number of years, notably through its Research and Development department, which introduced the MASERA microgrid demonstrator in Singapore in 2018, foreshadowing solutions for non-interconnected areas in South East Asia.

This partnership also forms part of the EDF Group’s Cap 2030 strategy, which aims to double its global renewable capacity between 2015 and 2030, taking it to a net 50 GW. In addition it contributes to EDF’s Electricity Storage Plan to develop 10 GW in new electricity storage resources globally by 2035.

Bruno Bensasson, EDF Group Senior Executive Vice-President Renewable Energies, and Chairman-CEO of EDF Renewables, commented: “We are delighted to seal this strategic partnership between EDF Renewables and ECOSUN Innovations, whose facilities  particularly in emerging and least developed countries, give local authorities and businesses in remote areas access to low-carbon electricity. This investment reflects the EDF Group’s ambition to expand its microgrid offerings and to provide innovative solutions that balance global preservation and development.”. 

Frédéric Rohmer, Chairman of ECOSUN Innovations, added: “ECOSUN Innovations develops and markets a range of plug-and-play solar solutions for off-grid, hybrid and mobile applications up to 1 MWp capacity. Within a few years, our range has become the largest and most innovative in the market. We are very proud of this cooperation with EDF Renewables, which will allow us to step up our industrial and commercial expansion still further and to increase the competitiveness of our products and their geographical reach.”.

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About EDF
A key player in energy transition, the EDF Group is an integrated electricity company, active in all areas of the business generation, transmission, distribution, energy supply and trading, energy services. A global leader in low-carbon energies, the Group has developed a diversified generation mix based on nuclear power, hydropower, new renewable energies and thermal energy. The Group is involved in supplying energy and services to approximately 38.9 million customers1, 28.8 million of which are in France. It generated consolidated sales of €71.3 billion in 2019. EDF is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange.

1 Customers are counted end 2019 per delivery site; a customer can have two delivery points: one for electricity and another for gas.

About EDF Renewables
EDF Renewables is a leading international player in renewable energies, with gross installed capacity of 13.2 GW worldwide. Its development is mainly focused on wind and solar photovoltaic power. EDF Renewables operates mostly in Europe and North America but is continuing to grow by moving into promising emerging markets such as Brazil, China, India, South Africa and the Middle East. The company has taken a strong foothold in offshore wind power, as well as other areas of the renewable energies industry such as energy storage. EDF Renewables develops, builds, operates and maintains renewable energy projects. EDF Renewables is the EDF Group subsidiary specialized in developing solar and wind power.
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ECOSUN INNOVATIONS, created in 2015, is historically part of the ECOSUN group which exists for more than 10 years. The vocation of ECOSUN Innovations is to design, manufacture and sell a full range of innovative patented solar off-grid and mobile Plug & Play solutions dedicated to bring energy to off-grid remote areas and mobile operations. The aim of those solutions is also to reduce carbon footprint. To date, more than 20 containerized solutions are in operation across the world (Africa, Europe, Latin America, Caribbean) for various applications such as for example villages in Mali, Zambia, Mozambique, mining operations in Chili, defense operations with NATO and German army, agricultural pumping in Morocco, waste treatment in Martinique or ecotourism in Senegal.
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