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Press release: President Uhuru Kenyatta in attendance at the launch of the Futurepump SE1; a breakthrough $330 solar water pump.

Futurepump Ltd, a manufacturer of quality, robust and portable solar water pumps, was honoured to greet President Kenyatta at the launch of their new entry level solar water pump.

The Futurepump SE1, designed for one-acre farms, retails at a remarkable price of just $330. It can provide a farm with over 10,000 litres of water a day, whilst avoiding any fuel costs and is ideal for any farmer looking to take the first step into farming as a business. The pump, which adds to Futurepump’s range, encompasses the success of previous models and maintains Futurepump’s high quality standards with a 5-year warranty.

High-quality at a low price is a hot-topic at the moment in Kenya, with backlash beginning from consumers over the increase in poor-quality imports of solar goods. Futurepump’s own purpose-built factory in India ensures that quality is second to none.

Sales Director, Brian Marsh, who greeted the President said, “It was a great pleasure meeting President Kenyatta, he showed genuine interest in our products and the many benefits they offer Kenyan farmers. It was obvious he knew precisely what a solar irrigation pump was and why a farmer would want one.”

President Kenyatta was attending the Off Grid Solar Forum in Nairobi on the 18th February where he announced that the Kenyan government hopes to make 1.9 million solar-based connections through the Kenya National Electrification Strategy which has been in place since 2018. Direct benefits to those manufacturing abroad will also continue with people importing solar products subject to tax exemptions and incentives in order to make them affordable.

Futurepump, which already distributes in 15 countries globally, is looking for distributors to join their network. If you would like to find out more about the products, pricing and opportunities with Futurepump, please contact Brian Marsh at

Click here to see the Futurepump SE1 datasheet


Futurepump is a manufacturer of solar irrigation pumps. Most small farmers struggle to grow enough because of unreliable rainfall. With a Futurepump solar water pump, they can pump water to their crops whenever they need to, free of running costs. This results in farmers earning more money.

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