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Press release: Napocor grants 24/7 power to Bohol islet, builds bigger office in the province

The National Power Corporation (Napocor) grants round the clock power service to Cuaming Island in Bohol to urge the local community to engage in small businesses. 
“Fishing remains to be the number one industry in the island, but then we believe that with 24/7 power, non-fishermen can engage in other means of livelihood in order to boost local trade in the island,” said Napocor’s Acting Manager for Visayas Operations, Pete Llorente. 
Napocor services 500 households in the island through its Cuaming Diesel Power Plant which has a total dependable capacity of 233 kW. 
Cuaming Island is part of the municipality of Inabanga, Bohol and can be reached through an hour of boat ride from the port of Tubigon. 
Meanwhile, Napocor has also recently laid the foundation for the construction of a bigger office in Cortes, Bohol that will cater to its 12 mini grids in the province’s outlying islands. 
“The establishing of the new and bigger Napocor-SPUG Bohol mini grid office does not only mean that Napocor is here to stay, but it also signifies our commitment to provide efficient service and be Bohol’s partner in progress,” Napocor’s Vice President for SPUG Edmundo Veloso said during the ceremonial groundbreaking. 
Currently, Napocor operates 12 mini grids in Bohol with a combined total dependable capacity of 970 kW which service around 2,500 households. 
This year, Napocor will deploy 19 new generating sets with an aggregate capacity of 890 kW to various mini grids in Bohol as augmentation. It will likewise add seven (7) new power facilities in the province as the corporation continues to reach out to more far flung islands to energize.