Ngoma farmers buoyed by green technology for irrigation

Ngoma District inaugurated a Rwf271 million hillside irrigation scheme to water fruits and vegetables in sectors of Zaza and Mutenderi, a green technology that uses solar energy to distribute water on 20 hectares of smallholder farmers’ lands.

Targeted to benefit around 1,200 residents, the project established solar pumping systems and constructed two water reservoirs of 500m3 each to irrigate 10 hectares in the Zaza and 10 hectares in Mutenderi, using Lake Mugesera water in Zaza and source water in Mutenderi.

To secure the sustainability of the scheme, the farmers were grouped into a cooperative, with the committee making sure the farmers pay maintenance fees at the end of the season, in order to repair damaged materials. He is the leader of Terimbere Muhinzi, the cooperative founded by 35 members, 14 of them being women.

The project was introduced to increase the capacity of farmers in terms of horticultural productivity, climate resilience, and access to markets for a better livelihood of vulnerable groups in the two sectors, implemented by Rwanda Rural Rehabilitation Initiative (RWARRI) and funded by Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA).

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