KOKO networks introduce alternative cooking fuel powered by IoT technology

Following a successful pilot project in Kenya, in which KOKO Networks secured over 1000 customers in Nairobi and its environs, the company officially launched its KOKO Fuel, a clean, safe and affordable liquid ethanol cooking fuel solution, that is dispensed from “KOKOpoint” Smart Fuel ATMs located in 700 shops across the city.

The SmartCook kit which includes a 2-burner KOKO Cooker and the smart canisters, which retails for ksh 6,999, an amount which customers can pay in deposits and collect upon completion. Mwako says that the target market for the product is anyone and everyone looking for an alternative and cleaner fuel than the likes of Charcoal and Kerosene.

When it comes to competing with the LPG, which is a common fuel source in Nairobi, KOKO has the advantage of appealing to the Kadogo market as you can refill your smart canister for as little as ksh.35 to as much as Ksh.200 (which completely fills up the canister, and could last for a week when being used consistently).

With LPG, one purchases a cylinder according to the size they require (with a 5kg gas cylinder retailing at around Ksh.3,600) and a refill, which costs around the range of ksh 850- 1000, can take a consistent user around one month to finish.

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