How Solar Power Can Positively Impact SMEs In Kenya: Expert

The uptake of solar power in Kenya has been on the rise in recent years. This is due to several factors such as cheaper technology for solar panels, abundant supply of panels, over-reliance and costliness of fossil fuels and the unstable nature of both hydro and wind power generation therefore solar power is now Kenya’s next frontier for renewable energy.

According to Rodii & Partner Solar utilization in Kenya is mainly for photovoltaic systems which are used for telecommunications, lighting and cathodic protection of pipelines. Solar power is also used in drying and water heating.

“Furthermore we have seen more and more factories install solar panels on their rooftops to counter the cost of buying power from the grid and also mitigating against the instability of the grid since power outages are a regular feature of the Kenyan industrial and residential landscape,” the firm says.

With the increase of solar use, how can Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) tap on this resource? We sat down with Paul Simiyu Mabonga Managing Director, Sentimental Energy Limited to tell us why SMEs need to invest in solar energy going forward.

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