Ensuring sustainable solar power for 240 Health Centers in Ethiopia

© Solar Energy Foundation Ethiopia

Stiftung Solarenergie – Solar Energy-Foundation Ethiopia and GREEN LAMP collaborated on the sustainability of installed Solar Suit cases for Health Centers in Ethiopia.

Over 240 Solar Suit cases are installed in different parts of the country.

Health Centers are mostly located in off grid areas. There is no Electric access for most of them. Because of this, mainly mothers and children died because of lack of proper services at delivery time. Midwives use their phone or troche lights for the delivery services. This becomes very difficult and complicated to give proper service.

Green Lamp works with Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia in Ethiopia. They together installed around 240 Solar Suit cases in Health Centers mainly in Maternity departments to save mothers and Children life.

At the time of installation, Health workers, midwives, management team and other staffs trained on how to use the system. But as the health workers turnover is very high. They didn’t transfer the knowledge they got about the Solar suitcase. So, the system is abused and damaged in a short time than expected life time of mainly the battery.

To avoid the above problem, Green Lamp is now working with Stiftung Solarenergie-Solar Energy Foundation for the sustainability of the Solar Suit cases. We are now responsible for yearly maintenance visits and also any maintenance issues.

With such visits, we train the Health Center Staffs repeatedly on how to use the system. This will help us to spread the knowhow and also the purpose of the system. Today, the maintenance request is very low as the health workers starts using the system properly according to our instructions.

This also allows them to provide proper service for the patients.

Just Recently Enhanced Solar System installed for off-grid Health Centers. The idea of installing the Enhanced Solar System is to bring more energy and lights for the off-grid health centers. With this system, they are able to store their vaccine in a proper place in the provided fridge. They have more lights and mobile and other gadgets charging possibilities.