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Despite the growing public awareness, renewable energy penetration in Tanzania is still facing major hurdles due to a skewed regulatory framework and limited market. Although some subsidies are offered for rooftop solar, the subsidies the government provides to fossil fuel sources are much higher.
Startups in Tanzania are busy attracting investment for operations along a 1,424 km coastline as they look to build on opportunities in the blue economy, support biodiversity and build resilience to climate change..
The new International Development Association (IDA) credit to the Tanzania Rural Electrification Expansion Programme (TREEP) will facilitate an additional one million last-mile grid connections, including 8,500 education facilities and 2,500 healthcare facilities, as well as provide renewable energy options and cooking solutions to rural households
Irregular power supply continues to hamper internet services, pushing people to work from places with an assured source of electricity that is not from the main grid. Tanzania’s electricity access remains low, at 38 percent, even though it is listed among the fastest growing economies in Africa.
The Power Up campaign calls wealthy nations to greatly increase climate adaptation funding. The campaign will initially focus on five African countries with the potential to be trailblazers in growing energy access – Kenya, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa and Tanzania. But in 2023, Power Up is set to expand its focus on countries worldwide.
With numerous international companies and organizations operating in Tanzania’s rural areas, input by this sector has huge direct impact on the related communities. Support ranges from digging of wells to funding irrigation and smart agriculture projects. There is also the matter of lack of adequate financing and poor sanitation.
To assess the impact of off-grid refrigerators on first-time customers and appraise user experience from operating an off-grid refrigerator, 60 Decibels carried out a total of 1,502 phone interviews targeting customers who had purchased their off-grid refrigerators from companies participating in the Global LEAP Results-based Financing programme.

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