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Sierra Leone

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The Saudi Fund for Development sent a five-day working delegation to follow up on ongoing projects, including the rehabilitation and development of Fourah Bay Bay College (FBC), the construction of 100 solar boreholes, and the $25 million Saudi-funded Education Support Project.
Building on research from reports, here follows your guide to the Sierra Leonean energy sector, particularly the growth of minigrids and their contribution to providing electricity in this West African country.
The expansion of national utility grids is constrained by low purchase power, sparse settlements, and low population density in rural settings. It also faces non-technical deficiencies that result in enormous commercial losses. As an alternative, there is a growing interest in decentralized power generation and distribution through mini-grid.
A solar minigrid project is delivering far-reaching health and socio-economic benefits in rural Sierra Leone to clinics following a $1.25 million loan from REPP, funded by the UK government.

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