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Sierra Leone

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Each system has a roof-mounted 16.62kWp of solar PV with 545Wp Solar PV panels and a 19.2kWh battery bank with 4.8kWh of Pylontech li-ion battery storage in total. Beyond the immediate impact on healthcare delivery, this initiative by Aptech Africa represents a crucial step towards sustainable development in Sierra Leone.
The Universal Energy Facility (UEF) will provide grantees with financial support to build solar mini-grids in communities without access to clean energy and where other polluting energy sources, such as diesel and petrol generators, charcoal and firewood, are common.
Sierra Leone’s energy poverty, like other countries in the African continent, has compounded massively. Most of the country still depends on firewood for cooking fuel and the country’s progress towards renewable shift is extremely slow. Over 72 per cent of the country has no access to electricity and 99.2 per cent depend on unclean cooking fuel.
The hybrid system efficiently combines energy from solar, the national grid, and a diesel generator. One of the key features of this installation is the remote monitoring system, which provides real-time information on energy generation, inverter performance, weather conditions, and energy usage.
Eighteen years after civil war ended in Liberia, in a school located in a rural village that helps make rubber for Bridgestone, the revolution isn’t around political power or guns. It’s about using technology to personalize learning and unlock progress for children who otherwise would struggle to learn to read and do math.

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