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By electrifying key parts of its economy, the Namibian government will spur unprecedented economic activity and growth for citizens.
There is a growing awareness that economic growth on its own, particularly based on short-term gains, may not lead to improvements in human welfare if this does not take into account social and environmental concerns.
In order to address the issue of shack fires, mostly caused by burning candles or faulty electrical connections, a young Namibian entrepreneur established Mushi BioPower Solar Namibia, a company that offers solar-powered electrical equipment.
Some 3,710 opportunities to have access to electricity have been created at the end of June last year, yet only 46% of these potential power connections have been realised.
UK company Namene Solar has launched a carbon offsetting project in Namibia, where climate finance will subsidise the sale of the company’s solar lights to rural homes and informal settlements across the country.

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