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IDCOL will provide consultancy services to the Ministry of Energy in Malawi for the Off-Grid Market Development Fund under the Malawi Electricity Access Project, funded by the world bank. The objective of the fund is to address the challenges of scaling up the off-grid market in Malawi and electrifying 200,000 new households in remote rural areas.
Development experts say village-level solar power is a more promising way of bringing electricity to Africa’s remotest areas than conventional grids, which often do not reach them, tend to prioritise more privileged neighbourhoods and are often powered by polluting fossil-fuel generation.
These solar power energy systems will help to safely store essential vaccines such as COVID19 & Polio vaccines in health facilities in hard-to-reach areas. They will also significantly benefit the upcoming Polio vaccination campaign and routine immunization for children under five years old.
Malawi Government took the decision to remove import duties (15 – 30%) on entry level solar lights. The Finance Minister also announced the reduction of the minimum value addition requirement under the Industrial Rebate Scheme to support and promote local industries and to get cooperatives on the scheme.
The German Ambassador to Malawi, Andreas Trimmermann, said the installation of a €45 million solar rooftop system demonstrates how government, international organizations and the private sector can jointly solve energy related challenges.

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