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Traditionally, women in Eswatini have been marginalized and excluded from decision-making processes in various sectors, including energy. However, in recent years, there has been a notable shift in the inclusion of women in the energy sector, which has led to the empowerment of communities and the development of sustainable energy solutions.
The Royal Eswatini Sugar Corporation (RES) invites reputable Renewable Energy Project Developers to submit proposals to partner with RES and invest in developing, building and operating profitable and sustainable renewable energy generation project(s). Deadline: 17 February 2023.
For more than a year, nurse Lindiwe Magongo has seen to the needs of 600 patients per week at her small clinic near the capital of eSwatini, the nation formerly known as Swaziland.
Since 2012, Panasonic Corporation has been working on the 100 Thousand Solar Lanterns Project: Through this project, the company has donated a total of approximately 81,000 units to 19 countries so far. In Africa, about 15,000 units have been donated already to 10 countries through international organizations and NGOs. This donation to three African countries now makes the total of donated lanterns approximately 83,000 units to 22 countries, and among them, about 16,000 units have been delivered to 13 African countries.

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