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Tameo report shows 17% growth in private impact fund sector

Tameo Impact Fund Solutions (Tameo) published its 2022 Private Asset Impact Fund (PAIF)
report, providing detailed insights into the growing impact investing industry.
The report is the most comprehensive look at impact funds’ private market activities in
developing countries. Insights on topics including financial performance, investment
geography, asset class, capital structure and impact management are available in the
PAIF report.
Tameo surveyed 94 different investment managers and compiled data from 198 funds.
These funds saw nearly 17% growth in total assets in 2021.
Of the worldwide impact investing market estimated to be USD 1.164 trillion by the GIIN,
Tameo estimates that USD 84 billion is invested in private asset impact funds focusing on
emerging and frontier markets.
This is spread across 346 different investment managers, managing 672 different funds. Out
of the 672 funds, currently 206 have a multi-sector focus, with a combined size of USD 28
billion (33% of the total). Microfinance-focused funds are the second most prevalent (126
funds, 24% of total assets), followed by SME development (116 funds, 9% of total assets),
and climate & energy funds (115 funds, 21% of total assets). Other sectors of focus include
food and agriculture, health and education, as well as housing, water and communities
Investment managers headquartered in the United States manage 25% of the USD 84
billion impact fund market. Swiss-based investment managers represent 15%, while the
Netherlands (11%), the United Kingdom (10%) and Germany (7%) complete the top five
countries for investment management.
“This is the most complete survey we’ve done in terms of scale and depth. It’s a great
reflection of the growth and diversity of the sector,” said, Ramkumar Narayanan, Managing
Partner at Tameo. “We hope the data and insights will contribute to the promotion and
mainstreaming of impact investing.”
“Being able to visualize the trends that drive our sector, with over 300 specialized fund
managers around the globe, is a key contribution to impact investing in emerging markets,”
comments Roland Dominicé, Tameo’s Chairman, and Managing Director at Symbiotics
Group. “The 2022 PAIF survey goes a long way since its first version in 2007, and will with no
doubt serve the transparency and benchmarking needs of our industry.”
For the full report, visit Tameo’s website or download it here:


About Tameo: Tameo Impact Fund Solutions SA (Tameo) is a Swiss impact investing
specialist serving the financial industry with independent expert solutions. Tameo guides
investment funds, managers, and investors through the entire impact investing journey. It
offers the most comprehensive online database of impact funds, customized analyses, and
independent valuations. Through its research and advisory services, Tameo empowers
clients to move towards best-in-class impact measurement & management. Tameo acts as
the business services manager of the Swiss Investment Fund for Emerging Markets (SIFEM).
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