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The Shoprite Group has announced that it has reduced its electricity consumption by 11.8% following the installation of 1,001,932 energy-efficient light-emitting diode (LED) lightbulbs across 1,647 of its supermarkets and distribution centers nationwide.
Combining solar with storage makes it more expensive than coal – which still accounts for 80% of South Africa’s electricity generation – when comparing units of energy produced. But this technology is affordable relative to the options consumers are already adopting in significant volumes – diesel generators or small-scale batteries.
Vodacom says a further R300 million was spent in the past financial year on additional running costs in the form of diesel, security, and maintenance. Vodacom says it responded to South Africa’s power crisis with increased investment in power resilience, which has ensured network availability and contributed to an accelerated demand for data.
The Public Servants Association (PSA) said in commemoration of Workers’ Month it has donated rechargeable solar LED lights to thousands of disadvantaged Grade 11 and 12 pupils across South Africa from underperforming schools. More than 3 000 learners will be supported in completing their schoolwork during load-shedding periods.
A South African town has been left fuming after a legal battle with a state-owned power utility forced its solar plant to dump desperately needed electricity in a country suffering a record energy crisis. The case reflects some of the frustrations at the country’s energy crunch.
Some companies are financing innovations to support citizens or charities who would otherwise be left in the dark – be it through portable or pay-as-you-go solar systems. CTSB, for example, will get solar panels and battery storage in the coming weeks through support from online solar marketplace Sun Exchange.
While South Africa generally offers excellent conditions for solar power, the generation potential of each province, suburb and home could vary widely. LookSee is a platform for homeowners offering information and services, including its Solar Score, launched in partnership with geospatial actuarial solutions provider Riskscape.
The distributor says it is strengthening its renewable energy strategy as part of its plans to go off-grid with the deployment of the system, which has capacity for 1MWh and will be installed at its head office in Midrand. Rectron will purchase a FusionSolar Smart String Battery Energy Storage System (ESS) from Huawei.

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