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While the crippling energy poverty in Africa has restrained the continent’s overall progress in combating poverty, it does point to a potential solution — a continent-wide effort for renewable energy investment in Africa, including both power-generation plants and, crucially, a transmission network.
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There is an exam question that parliamentarians all over the world must answer: What are you doing to ensure that local energy resources in the developing world enable the population to access energy for creating jobs and food security so that instability is avoided?
Solar Energy for Maji Primary Hospital, installed by the Solar Energy Foundation Ethiopia
Reliable energy provision – particularly electricity – is a major enabler of universal health coverage. A number of clean and cost-effective energy solutions, such as based on solar photovoltaic systems, are available and rapidly deployable to electrify health-care facilities sustainably and increase their climate resiliency.
Across Africa, public transport is embracing electrification at an unprecedented pace. Municipal administrations are taking the lead, forging partnerships with private enterprises to drive this eco-friendly evolution of bus fleets. The outlook for Africa’s electric bus market is promising.
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A new policy brief of ZE-Mobility spotlights the electrifying path toward emission reduction and affordable transportation and outlines recommendations to boost electric vehicles uptake in Kenya.
Some 15 million people in Africa were pushed into poverty in 2022 due to high food and energy prices AfBD has reported. However, the Bank indicated that the poverty effect of energy price increases was higher than food prices. This was because the energy impact was fully passed through household income.
A study published by GET.invest assesses what it takes to (a) enhance the uptake of PUE finance by potential customers (e.g. hardware and service providers, individual entrepreneurs, farmers and coops), (b) accelerate the market for PUE technology and solutions, and (c) scale up the impact from deployment of PUE solutions.

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