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Africa’s inability to realise its potential has left it at the mercy of the West. Mega projects are given to foreign companies and profits made by these companies are reinvested back in Europe which, in turn, increases the level of poverty in Africa. In 2025, this trend will be reversed.
Stichting Clean Energy and Energy Inclusion for Africa (CEI Africa) invites GMG Developers to apply for outcome-based grants that subsidize the implementation of PUE strategies connected to operating GMGs in the target countries: Kenya, Uganda, DRC, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Madagascar, Mali and Benin.
Investment in renewable energy across the ten African economies tracked in the database has remained stagnant at around $5bn each year since 2014. Globally, annual investment in renewables has increased by 60%, when the figure for 2014 is compared with that of 2022, but in African nations investment has actually fallen by 12% over the same period.
A range of real and perceived risks affecting projects in Africa, as well as higher borrowing costs following the Covid-19 pandemic and Russia’s war in Ukraine, mean there is a limited pool of affordable capital that energy developers in Africa can tap.
Many countries in Africa are facing challenges in development and for decades have welcomed outside aid including philanthropic organisations to tackle some of their challenges. Experts agreed that to tackle these challenges the continent needs innovative ways to leverage philanthropic capital to attract market resources.
Venture capital’s enticing embrace brings rapid growth and funds, but founders face a tumultuous journey. Balancing autonomy, battling burnout, and exit pressures, startups must navigate its shadows with resilience.
A study published by GET.invest assesses what it takes to (a) enhance the uptake of PUE finance by potential customers (e.g. hardware and service providers, individual entrepreneurs, farmers and coops), (b) accelerate the market for PUE technology and solutions, and (c) scale up the impact from deployment of PUE solutions.
In the world of startups, where ideas are nurtured, innovation thrives, and dreams take shape, the role of venture capital is often hailed as a catalyst for success. However, beneath the veneer of promise and potential exist a side of venture capital we often ignore the side fraught with pressures that can leave startups battered and bruised.

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