WorldTech Consult wins the Startup|Energy Award

The Ghanaian startup WorldTech Consult is the winner of the Startup|Energy Award 2022 at the end of the Energy Camp Africa on 06 April 2022.

A total of five start-ups from the decentralised energy sector in Africa presented their innovative products and services. The judges included representatives from, among others, Kenya Climate Ventures, Venture South, SME Support Centre, Aceli Africa and Stiftung Entwicklungszusammenarbeit.

About the winner:

  • Worldtech Consult (Ghana) designs, manufactures and brings to the market turn-key, modular, off-grid and hybrid cold chain solutions and rural electrification. Worldtech Consult generates impact, food safety, reliability and loss avoidance building sustainable, competitive agribusiness anywhere a truck can reach. The technology enables reducing food losses up to 50% and operational cost by up to 90% and enables value addition enhancing customer competitiveness, viability and long term sustainability.

The prize money of the Startup|Energy Award is to be used for the further development of the business idea. All participants of the Energy Camp receive a free membership to the industry association AFSIA for one year.

The five start-ups participating in the Energy Camp East Africa received intensive one-to-one coaching from experienced local entrepreneurs over the past months. In addition to WorldTech Consult, these start-ups participated in the Energy Camp:

  • ThinkBikes (Nigeria): Locally produced e-bikes
  • Tryke (Kenya): Electric Tricycles
  • Second Life Storage (Rwanda): Battery Recycling for Telekom Operators
  • Solakilimo (Kenya): Solar Coldrooms

Startup|Energy is a joint initiative of the University of Freiburg and the Solar Energy Foundation (Freiburg) to promote regional and international exchanges between start-ups in the field of decentralised, renewable energy supply. The focus is on energy camps in Germany and Africa for local start-ups.

The Startup|Energy initiative is among others supported by AFSIA and GET.invest, a European programme supported by the European Union, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Austria.