Uganda steps up use of clean technology to mitigate climate change

When it comes to climate change, Uganda has been doing one thing right, and that is maintaining a small carbon footprint. According to the information from Our World in Data, 2017 statistics stood at 0.12 tonnes per capita.

To maintain this status, at the United Nations climate conference of 2015, Uganda pledged to reduce its carbon emissions by 22 per cent by the year 2030.

With wildfires blazing through the US, heavy rains accompanied by floods sweeping through Europe, temperatures rising, drought, countries more than ever the world is discussing moves to adopt clean technology to mitigate climate change.

Cleantech has been around but popularized in the last two decades. It entails the investment of asset class, technology, and business sectors into clean energy, environmental, and sustainable products and services. Cleantech ranges from the use of renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, hydro to smart cities, smart agriculture, smart electric grids, transport services and smart infrastructure.

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