Trojan Battery Introduces “Farm from a Box” Off-Grid Solution

Trojan Battery Co., LLC, a specialist in deep-cycle batteries, provides the energy storage solution for the “Farm from a Box” sustainable micro farming system.  The “Farm from a Box” system will feature four Trojan AGM batteries which will serve as the system’s energy storage solution.
“Adam,” the first “Farm from a Box” solution will debut with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 4 p.m. today, 25 September, at Shone Farm, 7450 Steve Olson Ln., Forestville California in Sonoma County.  Follow the festivities on Facebook at Farm from a Box.
Housed in a modified shipping container, “Farm from a Box” is a turnkey micro farming system that comes with all of the core components and tools required for off-grid food production in remote or rural locations.  Designed to be a versatile, transportable, sustainable food production solution, the “Farm from a Box” components can be adapted to a range of conditions, making this the optimal plug-in for a wide variety of agricultural technologies.
“Farm from a Box is the ‘Swiss-Army knife’ of sustainable farming,” said Brandi DeCarli, Farm from a Box founding partner. “Based on extensive field research, we found that rural communities often lack the resources and infrastructure needed to access nutritious food. We developed a toolkit that contains all of the core components needed to grow your own food, on a two acre plot of land, without the need for an existing grid. Imagine the good it can do by growing local, organic food for a school, or helping jumpstart food production after a disaster. ‘Farm from a Box’ enables and empowers communities to provide for themselves.”
Farm from a Box is ideal for any application that requires a comprehensive system that enables sustained local food production, without need for an existing grid; from disaster response and humanitarian aid, to schools and community cooperatives.   While each unit can be customized to fit the needs of the end user and location, the core components include: 

  • Solar-powered pump and drip irrigation
  • Basic farming tools
  • Water purification system
  • High-efficiency solar panels
  • Trojan Battery bank for energy storage
  • High-efficiency LED lighting
  • ICT and data mapping
  • Mobile charging area
  • Secured storage

“The innovative concept offered by ‘Farm from a Box’ is a terrific example of how to empower communities in developing regions to provide for themselves,” said Bryan Godber, senior vice president of global market development for Trojan Battery.  “Trojan is pleased to play a vital part in the ‘Farm from a Box’ worthwhile mission to help developing regions establish a stable infrastructure for sustainable food production.”

About Farm from a Box
Farm From A Box is a for-profit social enterprise that uses a market-based approach to bring struggling communities the farming capabilities they need to grow their own food and generate an income.  Built from a modified shipping container, each Farm from A Box unit contains a complete ecosystem of technologies required to enhance agricultural productivity. Components range from renewable power and irrigation, to information and communications technology. 


Reprinted with permission of Solar Novus Today.