Total Nigeria Introduces Solar Home Solutions

Total Nigeria Plc said it has introduced a new Solar Home Solutions to be implemented in pilot phases for households throughout the federation. The innovation, according to the company, is in line with its commitment to explore alternative energy solutions in a bid to bring respite to homes and help the nation solve the electricity supply crises.
Managing Director, Total Nigeria Plc, Alexis Vovk, on the occasion of the 7th Lagos State Summit for Climate Change, remarked that with the global climate change and increasing carbon emission becoming one of the most serious threats facing humanity, the company saw the need for alternative energy technologies and solutions. "As part of the company’s efforts to lead the campaign for a greener tomorrow, we have taken bold steps to venture into a more environmental friendly energy solutions," he said.
Vovk decried the huge gap in electricity supply and demand in the country, making reference to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Africa Energy Outlook, which stated that about 93 million out of Nigeria’s 170 million population (55 per cent of the population), lack access to electricity.
He also noted that Nigeria’s current electricity generation of 5,500MW (according to the Minister of Power) is not sufficient to meet the demand of the entire country, which is estimated at 200,000 Mega Watts (MW); the result of which is resort to the use of costly alternative sources of energy that are fossil fuel based and which contribute to the already high carbon emission level in Nigeria.
“The level of CO2 emission from gaseous fuel consumption in Nigeria as at 2011 was estimated to be at 23.58M MT (World Development Indicators). Hence, the need for development of alternative energy sources with lower carbon footprint cannot be over emphasized,” he said.
Vovk re-emphasised that energy is essential formational development, stating that  no developing country can achieve economic sustainability without adequate energy supplies to meet her global need. “Today, I am happy to announce that Total  Nigeria is introducing different scopes of solar energy solutions to the Nigerian market, for domestic, industrial and commercial use. This is with the aim of improving energy efficiency, reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and making energy available to all.
“However, l will like to emphasize that though we have only just introduced the commercial offer of the solar solutions; it is a project that has long been developed.  Our solar solutions include the Hybrid energy solutions for industries, the Solar Home Solution for families and homes and our portable, mobile Awango Total Solar lamps,” he said. 
According to him, last year Total inaugurated  the first solar-powered service station in West Africa(in Lagos). "We have also concluded a second solar powered station in our Wuse 6 service station, Abuja. We intend to roll out more solar powered stations this year. This Solar Hybrid solution is ready to be offered to organisations who intend to use clean energy and remarkably reduce their cost of fuel," he said.



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