The world’s largest off-grid database records 1,000th document

Anyone active in the off-grid sector needs solid knowledge and information in the form of scientific studies and reports. Sun-Connect News provides this information through an industry-leading document database. The freely available documents are an invaluable argumentation and decision-making resource for manufacturers, distributors, investors, institutions and anyone interested in developments in the global off-grid sector.

The Sun-Connect document database today included its 1,000th document:

“Financing Solar-powered Livelihoods in India Evidence from Micro Enterprises”
(Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW), 2019)

This report helps financiers understand the economic viability of solar-powered livelihood technologies for these enterprises. It also assesses the prevailing policy solutions and provides recommendations for the private sector, policymakers and donors to improve access to finance for end-users of such products.

In addition to the document database, Sun-Connect News offers other essential sources of information:

  • Distributors and manufacturers: more than 1,300 solar companies in developing and emerging countries
  • Mangoo: More than 1,500 off-grid products with technical specs and further information
  • List of associations in developing and emerging countries, working for off-grid electrification
  • Not-for-profit organisations with projects and field work in off-grid electrification
  • Sector information about off-grid sector in 68 countries (News, documents, import procedures, market data)

With these freely available databases, Sun-Connect News has been an unique source of information for off-grid industry players for years.