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The OFF-GRID Expo + Conference is approaching – the international conference and trade fair for self-sufficient and off-grid power supply will once again be held in Augsburg, Germany

The international event for selfsufficient power supply OFFGRID Expo + Conference (OEC) will be hosted on December 1 and 2, 2022. The trade fair and conference will take place live and on site. On the day before, visitors can participate in product training sessions at the TechDay the conference will also be streamed live. The OEC is aimed at all players in the field of selfsufficient power supply regardless of whether for industry, craftsmen, installers, dealers or project planners; for employees of an aid organization, a university or for public administration.

About 60 exhibitors, among others from the USA and also including the annuallyattending, wellknown names, make the OEC the industry meeting of the year. Among the premium partners are Steca A KATEK Brand, which, thanks to its customized solutions for the effective use of solar radiation, has become the leading supplier of products for the solar electronics industry; Victron Energy BV, which is active in the field of energy supply and distribution in more than 60 countries, and Studer Innotec SA, which manufactures inverters, chargers, MPPT solar charge controllers and accessories for every type of batteries. Serge Remy, Head of Sales at Studer, will also attend the OEC:

“From its foundation in 1987 Studer Innotec has always worked for solar independence, starting with solar systems for Swiss chalets and rapidly supplying high end power electronics for batterybased solutions. Today, with its factory in the Swiss Alps, Studer Innotec exports 85% of its products all over the world. On top of a large range of inverters and MPPT solar charge controllers, our company has added a new product, launched in 2021: the hybrid inverter next3. This 3ph 15kVA inverter, with integrated MPPT 16kW, has been designed both offgrid and ongrid applications. Studer Innotec will be present at next OffGrid Experts Conference in Augsburg. The event is unique as far as offgrid is concerned and a great opportunity for all the actors to meet and share their experience and ideas about an evergrowing market.”

However, in addition to these and other industry giants, numerous significant new faces will be present, too: these include, for example, Africa GreenTec AG. Torsten Schreiber, Managing Director of Africa GreenTec AG, is already looking forward to the OEC:

When I developed the Solartainer as a purely PV and batterybased offgrid system for crisis regions in the Sahel back in 2014, my main goal was to replace diesel generators in Africa. Offgrid systems present a great opportunity for providing a selfdetermined future for 700 million people south of the Sahara. Against the backdrop of the fear of war and an additional blackout in an energy crisis in the global north, even people for whom a stable energy supply has been something they have taken for granted to date, are increasingly becoming aware of the value of decentralized and selfsufficient power and water supplies. We are looking forward to sharing our technology and experience with interested parties at the OFFGRID Expo.

The OEC also promotes young companies and provides a springboard into the heart of the industry: For example, the startup Solarbakery GmbH is the first provider worldwide to offer fullyequipped, mobile and energyautonomous container bakeries, and it will be celebrating its premiere in Augsburg! For the first time ever, the 100% PVpowered bakery will be in action at a trade fair in Augsburg.

An annual highlight: the conference on site and streamed live.

The Englishlanguage OFFGRID Conference will take place parallel to the exhibition and the interactive supporting program, with a matchmaking event (sponsored by UNIDO ITPO Germany), an Education Mile and an evening event.

Exciting topics are also on the agenda in 2022. Innovative cooling applications for food storage and healthcare will be discussed, as well as the enormous potential of decentralized renewable energies and emobility in the transport sector or energy storage solutions that ensure an uninterrupted energy supply. Other topics include innovative financing mechanisms, with the goal of catalyzing rural electrification with offgrid technologies, and the waterenergynutrition nexus that is leading the way for global development.

Another highlight topic of this year’s conference is women entrepreneurs as key players in offgrid renewable energy, supported by the GermanAfrican Business Association. Electrification of rural communities opens up unprecedented opportunities for women, creating a range of social and economic benefits for them. Speakers at the conference will discuss this exciting potential for expanding female entrepreneurship in the offgrid renewable energy sector.

Who now can hardly wait to visit the OEC: Tickets can be purchased online via the ticket store since October 1, 2022. OEC 2022 will run on December 1 from 10:00 to 17:00 and December 2, 2022 from 09:00 to 16:00 at the Augsburg Exhibition Center.

About the OFFGRID Expo + Conference:

OFFGRID Expo + Conference, the largest international OFFGRIDfocused congress exhibition in Europe, targeting those interested in selfsufficient power, water and islanding solutions, also including commercial companies, aid organizations, installers, agriculture and forestry companies, mobility equipment providers, public administration, and universities. The highcaliber, Englishlanguage trade congress with a trade fair focuses on all the themes relating to offgrid solar, wind and hydropower systems and a selfsufficient power supply, which are particularly important in rural areas and in aid to developing regions. The unique mix of trade fair, conference and networking offers the offgrid community a framework for business initiation and knowledge transfer. The official conference partner of the event is the Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE). Other partners include Phaesun, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO ITPO Germany) and the Africa Association of German Business. Further information is available at:; uptodate information is also provided by the newsletter, which you can subscribe to at

About Messe Augsburg:

Messe Augsburg is an economic driver whose influence extends far beyond the borders of Bavaria. Augsburg is an attractive location which has highly structured fairgrounds that are also easily accessible from outside Germany, a high level of personal service and the charm of Germany’s second oldest city. Messe Augsburg is a fullservice partner for trade fairs and events: 7 halls with 48,000 m² gross area, 10,000 m² outdoor area, a conference center, four entrance areas, best traffic connections, as well as 3,650 parking spaces in the immediate vicinity offer a variety of individually plannable event possibilities.




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