The East African Regional Handbook on Solar Taxation

The realization of a “true” common tariff for off-Grid Solar products would be a boon to the industry in the East African region. One way to start this discussion was the development of an import customs regional handbook (covering classification and Tax Treatment per State) for solar products. This will act as a reference resource on off-grid products, parts and accessories within the region.

Therefore USEA, KEREA and UNREEEA through the Transforming Energy Access for Households and Improved livelihoods programme (TEA), funded by the UK Department for International Development took the forefront in the development of this handbook.

The three associations recognized the need to work together to address regional issues and they have also expressed their commitment and participated in the development of this East African Regional Handbook on Solar Taxation.

The essence of this book is that;

  1. a) It identifies the most common exempted, non-exempted and zero rated solar products and energy efficient appliances (core components, products, parts and accessories critical for delivering off-grid solar energy access).
  2. b) It identifies and provides applicable regional tariff codes.
  3. c) It identifies and provides applicable duties and taxes in the EAC.
  4. d) It acts as a reference customs handbook.
  5. e) It enables clear communication between importers and customs in order reduce costs / inefficiencies / inconsistencies in doing business.
  6. f) It acts as a training tool for customs, and as a guide for importers already or looking to import solar products in the East African Region.

Download the East African Regional Handbook on Solar Taxation




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