Sustainable Energy for Smallholder Farmers (SEFFA) in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda

While supply of Productive use of Energy (PUE) solutions (namely solar irrigation) has been growing, a number of core challenges present obstacles to further expansion. Want to know more? The SEFFA project, aiming to support scalable business cases in agricultural value chains of Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda, has commissioned a study. It provides insights into the energy needs of smallholder farmers and a diagnostic of current technologies in the dairy and horticultural sector.

The study – provided by EnDev and the IKEA Foundation – analysed the commercial and technical viability of several technologies such as solar powered irrigation or solar cooling for the use in agricultural value chains.

Given these opportunities, to increase uptake of such PUE technologies among dairy and horticulture producers and processors, GIZ and SNV need to support stakeholders with:

  • Creating awareness
  • Technical pilots
  • Designing customised financial products for farmers to invest in solar powered PUE technologies
  • Marketing efforts of PUE technologies
  • Policy advocacy to reduce import barriers for PUE technology components

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