State of the Art also for East Africa: Distributed Energy Management Systems (DERMS)

Big changes are afoot in how electricity is produced and managed. We’re seeing a shift away from centralized power plants to a new model that features distributed energy. One way for utilities to address the challenges that arise from this shift is by taking advantage of Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS) and Virtual Power Plants (VPPs).

DERMS are state-of-the-art systems that seamlessly integrate high penetrations of solar energy and other distributed energy resources into the grid. When properly deployed, their capabilities provide multiple benefits to both utilities and their customers, a win-win.

Consisting of a suite of software management tools that allow distribution utilities and wire operators to manage an array of DERs, they offer near real-time control of grid assets.

Navigant Research defines DERMS as “a control system that enables optimized control of the grid and DERs, including capabilities such as Volt/ VAR optimization (VVO), power quality management and the coordination of DER dispatch to support operational needs.”

Read the White Paper Creating a 21st Century Utility Grid with DERMS and VPPs



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