Solar Working capital facility – Ready for takeoff with new guidelines

Technicians from USEA member companies were trained on design guidelines for component based solar home systems. The training took place at Piato restaurant from 23-26th of September. Ever since its launch in 2018, the UECCC solar working capital facility has not performed to expectations. This was due to the conditions set for companies applying for the facility. One of the key requirements was for a companies’ products to be Lighting Global certified.

However, many companies operating in Uganda are sourcing components from various manufacturers. Whereas these equipment met other standards, together as an SHS system, they were not lighting global certified. This caused an outcry from Solar companies being unable to access the facility. In 2019, USEA appealed to the government to change the conditions of the facility and they listened.

A new framework has been drafted which allows companies dealing in component based solar home systems to access the facility. The interim framework is complete and can be accessed here and the design guideline here. With this new development, solar companies in Uganda can now access affordable financing through the Uganda Energy Credit Capitalisation company and the participating commercial banks.