Solar Energy Opportunities in East Africa

Historically the solar market in East Africa has been dominated by donor-led projects aimed at in-creasing the poor’s access to electricity as industry executives await the firming up of official gov-ernment programmes. Yet with the intermittent nature of power in the region, coupled with esca-lating diesel costs – immediate and compelling business opportunities for the solar sector are on the rise.
As European and US solar markets contract, opportunities in East Africa are on the rise. The global solar community’s attention is being brought to the region to not only solve many of East Africa’s power problems but also as an attractive business opportunity for the solar industry.
On 3 – 4 March 2015 the solar industry will meet with government and commercial and industrial power users at the 2nd annual Solar Energy East Africa conference taking place in Nairobi to discuss immediate and commercially viable opportunities for solar PV in the region. The conference is hosted by Solar Media Ltd.

Solar Media Ltd is also the publisher of a paper, which describes ongoing market developments in East Africa. The paper can be downloaded here.


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