Signify Foundation and Solar Energy Foundation to install solar in 20 health stations in Uganda

Rural health stations are particularly important for the goal of slowing or preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus:

  • They are centres for informing the population about health and protection measures and a contact point for first aid
  • They serve as initial contact points for assistance coordinated by the state and international aid organisations.

In order to improve the health care facilities in these health stations, Signify Foundation and Solar Energy Foundation have signed a cooperation agreement. This will enable up to 20 health stations in Uganda to be equipped with solar energy in the short term. The solar systems donated by Signify will provide safe lighting in treatment rooms and mobile lamps for outdoor use. The ability to charge mobile phones will ensure that the health stations can be reached at all times and that communication is possible. Finally, street lamps in outdoor areas increase the security of the health station.

Installation and maintenance of the solar systems is carried out by the member companies of Sendea Uganda, an association of local solar companies. Since the solar systems are already in the country, the installation will be carried out in the short term.

Signify Foundation thereby supports the Emergency Aid Project of the Stiftung Solarenergie for the electrification of health stations in East Africa.

More information about Signify Foundation.

More Information about the emergency health project of Solar Energy Foundation.


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