Sendea Uganda and DonBosco launch training programme for solar freelancers in Uganda

Picture: Sendea Academy Uganda

In Uganda, many solar installations are carried out by freelancers. These often have little knowledge about solar technology and are therefore unable to provide customers with professional information. The consequences are:

  • incorrect dimensioning of the solar components
  • incorrect installation of the solar systems
  • no or only inadequate after-sales service and warranty services

Customers trust the freelancers because they themselves are insufficiently informed about solar energy and freelancers are cheaper than the formal solar companies. In addition, they have no indication of the quality of a freelancer, such as a public certificate.

The result is negative for all parties involved: households spend a lot of money on an inadequate solar system, the freelancer loses credibility and reputation – and finally the reputation of solar technology in general is severely damaged.


The new freelancer programme from Sendea and DonBosco wants to change this. To this end, a two-week basic training course specifically for freelancers is offered as part of the Sendea Academy.

Freelancers who attend the two weeks course and pass a final test receive a certificate and a sticker. Both identify them as solar installers with basic knowledge. The freelancers can use the certificate and sticker for promotional purposes.

The certificate can be renewed continuously. A prerequisite for renewal is the successful completion of at least one further training at the Sendea Academy.

In parallel, households are made aware through awareness campaigns that it is important to choose a professional installer when buying a solar system. Therefore, households are advised to ask freelancers for the Sendea/DonBosco certificate.


First course starts with 12 participants

The courses will initially be held in the Kamuli region and will later be extended to other areas of Uganda. The first two-week course already starts on 9 March at the DonBosco Training Centre Kamuli.

The first course already has experienced high demand from freelancers when it was advertised. The number of participants is limited to 12 people, who were selected from a large number of applications.

The next course will take place in May 2021. Application are open. For information on course fees and minimum qualifications please contact: or visit


Association of Sendea Members Uganda is a network of like-minded local solar companies in Uganda. The member companies follow strong quality standards for technology, customer service, finance. Sendea is member of USEA. Sendea conducts training for companies in the Ugandan solar industry under the brand name “Sendea Academy”.

More information: | Contact: Loy Kyozaire, CEO (


St. Joseph Vocational Training Center of DonBosco Uganda prepares the youth for life with technical skills as well as with skills for a life of dignity. The Institute offers excellent opportunity for practical and theoretical knowledge.

The institute provides a varied range of activities beyond the curriculum that will help them experience a sense of well-being and self-confidence that arises from good health and fitness. Students discover and develop their own skills and interests at school in preparation for adult life.

More information: | Contact: Mutala Innocent, Project Officer / JSO (




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