Sendea electrifies 35 health stations in Uganda

Picture: Access2Solar, Jinja

Sendea, an independent association of Ugandan solar companies, has equipped a total of 35 health stations with a basic solar supply in recent weeks. These are public and private health stations in the regions of Western, South West, Eastern, Northern and Central and more than 1 Million people were impacted.

The installations were carried out by Sendea members Access to Solar Technologies, Anuel Energy Uganda Ltd, New Cares Ltd. and Sostap Ltd. In addition to the installation, Sendea’s four member companies will also be responsible for technical maintenance over the next few years as well as training the staff.

All health stations received permanently installed lighting for treatment rooms. In addition, mobile solar lamps for outdoor use were handed over and bright solar security lamps were installed for outdoor lighting.


The deployment was financed by donations from the German Stiftung Solarenergie and the Dutch Signify Foundation. Particularly worth mentioning is the short-term disaster relief after the flood in Kasese: Here, on the initiative of Sendea, four health stations were equipped with solar power as immediate aid to facilitate the supply of the local population.

Loy Florence Kyozaire, CEO of Sendea, is pleased about the great commitment of the member companies: “As an association of Ugandan solar companies, we want to make our contribution to support good medical care for our population. We are pleased that all member companies have supported this initiative with such commitment despite the difficulties caused by the COVID 19 pandemic. We also appreciate our development partners for extending a hand to Ugandans during this pandemic.”


Health centers provide the basis for medical care for the population in rural Africa and Asia:

  • Treatment and diagnosis of diseases
  • Prevention and vaccinations
  • Care after accidents
  • Care of pregnant women and support during birth

Rural health stations (dispensaries) are also particularly important for the goal of slowing or preventing the spread of the corona virus:

  • They serve as initial contact points for support coordinated by the state and international aid organizations.
  • They are centers for informing the population about health and protection measures and are the first point of contact for primary care


Sendea is an association of Ugandan solar companies that support each other in building and developing their businesses. Sendea also nurtures SME solar companies to establish structures and become investor ready. In addition to implementing international aid projects, Sendea’s services include training and acting as a consortium towards manufacturers and international tenders.




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