Sendea Academy has successfully completed two professional trainings

Picture: Sendea UG

In December 2020, Sendea Academy (Kampala) successfully completed two trainings for the solar industry:

Solar technology

12 technicians were trained in a course of several weeks in solar technology: design of solar home systems, basics of solar water pumping and solar water heater heating, professional installation, maintenance and service. Training in minigrids was introduced.

The participants of the course are employees of Ugandan solar companies or work as freelancers. The training was held in cooperation with Nakawa Vocational Institute with support from Handwerkskammer Cologne.

Sendea Academy has already trained more than 80 solar technicians since 2018. More training courses will be offered in 2021, open to the entire Ugandan solar industry. Contact: Loy Kyozaire (CEO):


For solar companies, procurement/purchasing and participation in tenders are important topics. A lot of time and money is often lost because standards or processes are not professionally observed.

In December, twelve employees from eight solar companies attended a two-day training course on this topic held by Sendea Academy. The contents of the training:

  • Legal framework for public procurement in Uganda
  • Understanding the procurement requirements/specifications or terms of reference
  • How to prepare a winning proposal/grant
  • Review of Bidding Documents & the Evaluation Process
  • Understanding Contract terms and Contract Management
  • Differences between Private and Public Procurement
  • Administrative Complaints Handling process in Uganda

In 2021, further specialist training will be offered by Sendea Academy, such as solar finance, solar sales and management. Kontakt: Loy Kyozaire (CEO):


Sendea Academy is a brand and company agnostic training facility in Uganda, established by Sendea UG, answering their practical needs with innovative approach (dual training concept).

“Association of Sendea Members Uganda” (Sendea UG) is a cooperative, established by like-minded local solar companies, who are majority owned by people of Ugandan nationality. Such a cooperative of local solar SME is the first of its kind in Sub-Saharan Africa. The fundamental idea: Growth through cooperation.