Schneider Electric unveils solar system for emergency situations

Up until now, relief operations have had to rely on fossil fuel energy, renowned for being dirty, expensive, noisy, difficult to transport and dangerous for health and safety. Schneider Electric’s Villaya Emergency is a containerised mobile solar microgrid solution designed for ease of use in any humanitarian emergency and produced in its plant in Kenya.

The system produces a minimum of 10 kilowatts peak of electricity – enough to power a village, a health centre or individual/group areas in refugee camps – thanks to a system of easy-to-use and easy-to-move photovoltaic panels. The entire solution is fitted into a standard shipping container for fast, easy transportation or relocation to anywhere worldwide.

To guarantee easy deployment in less than 30 minutes, even on soft or uneven ground, the photovoltaic panels are ready to install, mounted on wheels, precabled and placed on a mobile system called EXOrac manufactured by a start-up named PWRstation. Production of Villaya Emergency started early this year at Schneider Electric’s factory in Nairobi and will cover the needs of Africa continent.

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Full article: Kenyan Digest