Revolutionising e-mobility in Africa one bike at a time

Picture: Ampersand

The potential of micro-mobility through motorbikes and three-wheel vehicles to supercharge Africa’s e-mobility sector lies in collaboration, yet at the same time requires more participants to really get going.

Emile Fulcheri, CTO of electric motor-taxi start-up Stimaboda in Kenya sees the scale-up of electric motorbikes in Africa starting in the cities because the limited range of e-motorbikes gives the petrol bikes the advantage of being able to reach far-flung areas. The grid in rural areas is often not as reliable as it is in the cities.

Specifically, he recognises the potential for e-bikes to thrive when used in conjunction with minigrids.

Since remote, difficult to access rural areas with low density population are often unconnected to national grids, they make good locations for the installation of local minigrids. The minigrids in Africa are often powered by a combination of solar photovoltaic panels and diesel generators. Sometimes with batteries to store the solar electricity generated during the day.

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