Reliable electricity supply is key for socio-economic transformation

The impact of unreliable Electricity Supply is multidimensional as it affects all electricity consumers, constraining their utilization of the electricity service for both income productive and non-income productive uses.

With improved reliability, there are higher chances of reducing the cost of doing business, especially for the Small and Medium-size Enterprises (SMEs). It will also encourage the setting up of more industries, which will eventually create employment for skilled and non-skilled labour, increase industrial productivity, and in the long run, boost the pace of Socio-economic transformation.

The quality of life of electricity consumers is envisaged to improve.  Case in point, there will be a positive impact created on the delivery of health care, education, entertainment, and security among other benefits.  A reliable electricity supply is a major trigger for Socio-Economic Transformation and development. This, however, requires a concerted effort by the different stakeholders to include increased capital investment to provide adequate network infrastructure, improved responsiveness of electricity companies and timely reporting by electricity consumers.

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