PV Appliances for Micro Enterprises – Catalogue

The catalogue comprises roughly 140 factsheets for individual DC applications including technical specifications, information on the status of technology and market development and prices and costs for the most important business opportunities for micro, small and medium entrepreneurs in off-grid areas. 
Technologies presented include incubators for poultry farming, milking machines, solar fences, irrigation pumps, pumping invertersgrain mills, huller/shellers/huskers/graters/polishers, oil presses, refrigerators, freezers, walk-in cold rooms, a buttermaker, kettles, a DC-microwave, coffee makers as well as options for handicrafts (tailoring, workshop tools) and the service sector (media & entertainment – IT, secretarial services, TV, radio; charging sets; haircutting and laundry services). #
Each chapter starts with some background information as to why technology development in the particular sector is needed, where the status of technology development is standing at the moment, the types of equipment presented in the catalogue and links to further reading material. In the very final part of the catalogue, the publication summarizes a few points that are important to bear in mind when designing a business case as well as examples of successful business cases from the field.

Download the catalogue here.


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