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Press release: Watch the 4th episode of #SolarisFieldStories and discover Solaris Offgrid’s impact, in 2018 and beyond. 
Solaris Offgrid started in 2014, to develop technology to scale up promising #energyaccess solutions such as Paygo Solar. We asked ourselves: what would the world lose if the business were to fail? That way we made sure the aims were relevant and impactful” – Siten Mandalia, Co-founder and CEO at Solaris Offgrid. 
Back in 2014, when launching its own operations in Tanzania, Solaris Offgrid’s initial focus was to understand, through its products and field experience, both customers’ needs and sustainable business models, and share these learnings with the wider industry. 
Today, Solaris Offgrid helps solar manufacturers and distributors in developing countries to build strong customer traction and more efficient last-mile operations, through flexible and inclusive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions.
We’ve developed PaygOps, a software as a service which manages payment infrastructure, paygo devices, and field communication and then integrates with mobile/web apps to allow day-to-day operations. Separately through our close relationship with the field we help finance institutions and hardware developers improve their product offerings.” adds Siten Mandalia. 
To make the switch toward a profitable model, bringing greater energy access to the 1.1 billion people still living in energy poverty in developing countries is still a challenge today. PaygOps embodies this movement toward more interoperability, process scalability and flexibility, to better serve processes improvements and profitability of off-grid distributors’ operations. 
Already carrying an impact in some 20 developing countries and thousands of households through its technologies, Solaris Offgrid endeavors to equip up to 20 million people with its Paygo solutions by 2030.

About : 
Solaris Offgrid supports solar energy distributors build strong customer traction and greater relations with investors through flexible and inclusive Paygo solutions, designed for last-mile operations. Adopting a bottom up approach in the design of its solutions and creating synergies with a strong network of partners to solve last-mile challenges, the company has already deployed Paygo solutions in nearly 20 countries through PaygOps, Solaris Offgrid in-house software solution built “In the Field, for the Field” and its proprietary hardware solutions. Leading reference in the off-grid solar market, PaygOps, is engineered to deliver modular and interoperable solutions to address off-grid energy access challenges and distribution complexity. 
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