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Press release: Watch the 2nd episode of #SolarisFieldStories

Watch the 2nd episode of #SolarisFieldStories following Ulysses, designer at Solaris Offgrid, from Europe to Tanzania to discover how to gain efficiency at the last-mile through flexible and customer inclusive pay-as-you-go solutions built in the Field, for the Field. 
Running its own operations in Tanzania, Solaris Offgrid follows a bottom up approach to design to help households and village entrepreneurs in having greater and safer living conditions through affordable and sustainable energy access. Its unique “in the Field, for the Field” philosophy is a real asset in building long lasting innovations in remote places with such cultural differences. 
For Ulysses De Waegemaeker, Designer at Solaris Offgrid : “Experiencing the full cycle of innovation on both hardware and PaygOps is a fulfilling part of my job, it encourages to test and learn every day, in an environment led by pragmatic innovation, experimentation and iteration of ideas.”  
Every day, Solaris Offgrid engineers conceptualize and prototype new technologies and software innovations. Carrying out every stage of the design process, field testing of product and software is key for improvements. Thus, the company constantly seeks to improve their innovation process thanks to the insightful knowledge drew from field staff, partners and customers. 
Solaris Offgrid believes in the ‘for profit’ business model as the most sustainable and impactful model and strive at scaling up stronger and faster its impact by creating synergies with its ecosystem of partners to solve last-mile challenges. In that respect, the company successfully supports solar entrepreneurs and distributors in developing countries in building strong customer traction and more efficient last-mile operations through flexible and inclusive PAYG solutions. 
Another great source of information is the real-time data and metrics analysis from PaygOps, engineered to deliver fintech IoT solutions for last-mile operations management to provide best-in class customer support.
PAYG solutions has shown over the past few years that it could be a safe and affordable approach democratizing off-grid energy access. Now, the business model needs to become more flexible and interoperable to cope with the different stages of growth and become profitable. Embodying this movement toward more interoperability, process scalability and flexibility to better serve processes improvements and profitability of off-grid distributors’ operations, Solaris Offgrid endeavors to equip up to 20 millions people with solar home systems by 2030. 
“At Solaris Offgrid, we collaborate and promote driven people, organizations and change makers. So if you are a talented engineer, an ambitious distributor or a creative product manufacturer, please come and join us in this amazing adventure “In the Field, for the Field”!” Adds Ulysses De Waegemaeker. 

Solaris Offgrid develops Pay-As-You-Go solutions to scale up affordable and sustainable energy access in off-grid areas. Our R&D is conducted between Europe and remote Tanzania where we have installed thousands of Solar Systems. Since 2014, its engineers and last-mile operatives work in synergy to offer other distributors and manufacturers the most innovative and effective tools, equipping more than 20,000 Tanzanian households in clean energy, through its operating branch, Solaris Tanzania. The company has exported +6000 SHS devices, supporting nearly 35,000 household through its PAYG solutions. Furthermore, Solaris Offgrid has won worldwide recognition from international bodies and corporations such as United Nations, GOGLA (IFC) and Microsoft USA. For more information on Solaris PAYG Platform and/or Solaris Tanzania performance, contact If you are interested in funding a custom PAYG SHS lease portfolio as well, reach


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