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Mozambique: Enteria’s Smart Water Cloud of the Mati Mati project is up and running!

After the first solar well of the Mati Mati project was put into operation in Pembane, Mozambique, in the spring of 2020, the next step has now been taken. Using an intelligent cloud solution, the electricity production of the Enteria solar power plants in Germany will be coupled with the water production in Mozambique and linked to a donation portal. The goal of this system is to create transparency for donors and investors.

Mati Mati, Water Water, is the joyful call in the traditional national language Guitonga when people find fresh water.
Unfortunately, more and more regions in the world have been afflicted by extreme droughts, which deprive people of the most basic livelihoods. 
The ENTERIA Group has committed itself to fighting climate change on all levels – from emission-free energy production to the promotion of clean water with solar-powered wells, the young team is active exactly where action is needed now.

Investors, donors, prosumers and consumers in Germany and other countries can use the system to help provide fresh water to those in Mozambique affected by climate change. They can promote the construction of solar wells through donations and intelligent discounts on electricity prices. The systems are operated locally by the non-profit “ENTERIA Fundacao”, ensuring all income remains in the region and is used to operate the project in a future-proof and sustainable manner for many years to come.

The interactive system shows how much water the wells have produced in real time, how much money the users have donated so far and how much electricity the Enteria power plants produce to finance the water production in Mozambique. The Enteria and iSAtech experts have programmed this monitoring system in the summer and autumn of 2020, which is available immediately. The donation portal for the construction of further solar wells has also been opened with this step:

The objective of the cloud is to create transparency for all participants and to unite them into an international community of values. Climate change is rapidly becoming visible and we are learning to deal with its consequences in a humane manner. For Enteria, this means creating horizontal climate justice. 

Fortunately, GIZ, the Society for International Cooperation of the responsible federal ministry, has also announced its support for the Mati Mati project due to the level of progression, and thus it is gaining momentum on several levels. Four more water towers are already being planned. Mati Mati is consistently moving towards a growth project which will multiply its


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