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Press release: The launch of first PAYG off-grid solar provider in Mozambique

SolarWorks! had its launch event last week, with the first shop opening in Matola, a city just outside of the capital city Maputo. In Mozambique we are the first company to launch PAYG solar systems, payable with mobile money. The SolarWorks! systems vary in size from the security roof light that works with a motion sensor, to the 400Wh system which comes with three lights, each with light switches, and an invertor and can power a 40 inch LED TV for 6.5 hours.  The small systems are payable over a 3 month period, while the large systems are repayable over 24 months. 
In our first month we sold approximately 100 units, and trained a team of 10 agents and technicians.  
Some 20 million people in Mozambique do not have access to electricity, yet the political instability and debt crisis has discouraged off-grid solar providers from entering the market thus far. We hope that the success of SolarWorks! will attract others to invest in the country in the coming years.



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