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Press release: The 2ND Annual ASEAN Solar + Energy Storage Congress & Expo 2017 Achieved a Great Success

The 2ND Annual ASEAN Solar + Energy Storage Congress & Expo 2017 successfully concluded on November 15th, which was organized by the Leader Associates, endorsed by the Department of Energy, Philippines, supported by the Philippines Solar Power  Alliance, the ASIAN PHOTOVOLTAIC INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION and other more than 20 institutions. The two-day cumulative attendance of 897 people, 217 reservation of 1-1 meeting by the platform, confirmed 71 speakers. Nearly 800 elites from Philippines, Thailand, Australia, South Korea, Japan, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Germany, the United Kingdom and other countries’ power companies, developers, photovoltaic, investors and other industry  gathered together. In addition to the Department of Energy,Philippines was invited to attend at the first day of the conference, on the second day, officials from the president’s office also came to visit, and said “The event is of practical significance and the topic is valuable. The international experience is very beneficial to the development of PV + energy storage in Philippines and even ASEAN”. 

The first day of the conference kicked off in the speech of Tetchi Cruz-Capellan, President of Philippines Solar Power  Alliance. In the speech, she mentioned that this is a historic and exciting time in the energy sector. Not only because POTUS is 13 kms away from this gathering. But according to nearly every measure, renewable energy is gaining ground. It is the prime choice of governments worldwide as their energy source.IRENA reports that over 170 countries have established renewable energy installation targets and nearly 150 countries offer special incentives to renewables. Renewables will dominate new investment in power to 2040. At the same time, she also had great expectation for the conference, and she hoped this conference can provide answers in order to bridge the gap in where we are now and where we want to be. 

In the panel discussion Market Outlook: Future’s Solar Development in Philippines, Pete Maniego, Chairman of the committee on Power and Energy, National Competitiveness Council said that Philippines has a good track record for solar development. There is a bit of a problem now especially for large-scale [solar], but with the new mechanisms that will replace the feed-in-tariff, like the RPS and the Green Energy Option, I think solar could move ahead in the coming months and years. 

David Green, Lyon Group, Australia’s leading large-scale solar energy independent developer, pointed out in his keynote speech that the reason why we should combine solar energy with energy storage is that we can creat additional value and products from solar energy. Renewables ‘only’ projects provide ‘dumb’ and unreliable energy. Where as batteries: Turns solar energy into multiple products e.g. firming, load shifting, network support, financial products etc.and allows solar energy to be stored and released when most needed and valued.

The Philippines local new energy listed company MRC Allied Carlos Gatmaitan speech in the afternoon The price of fossil fuels has increased further and reserves have become more and more urgent, relative, renewable energy has the advantages of recycling. In recent years, the mass production of solar panels shows that new energy is more attractive than fossil fuels. In addition, the government has shown strong support for the development of the renewable energy industry, making renewable energy more balanced on earnings. In the ASEAN market, renewable energy has a sufficient number of using population, and the standardization of policies has also made it an important economic sector in ASEAN. At the same time, the influx of foreign investors has made renewable energy more and more breakthroughs in development, even beyond the rest of the world. But admittedly, non-technical issues remain as a threat. 

Oliver Massmann from Vietnam’s largest international law firm Duane Morris LLC,  said when he provided the latest information and investment advice in the Vietnam market, “Vietnam policy emphasises the need to diversify the country’s energy mix whilst maximising the use of local energy reserves. Electricity selling in off-grid areas can be a good choice; accurate prediction of where the market is heading to, in the context of Vietnam’s critical power shortage, should be considered; sound financing structure, good business model and great legal assistance are keys to success.”

The second day of the conference was divided into two parts with energy storage and solar summit. Energy storage, Dermot Costello of Clean Energy Council (CEC)  mentioned in his welcome address that ASEAN has huge development potential in solar energy storage market and it is attractive for Australia. They will also seek more opportunities to work with ASEAN markets.

Pablo Otin, vice-president of 8minutenergy Renewables, said energy storage enables new value propositions for utilities and grid operators. 8minutenergy’s mission is to make solar energy abundant, and to be the industry leader in lowering the cost of solar PV. Storage technologies differ from other technologies in that they can efficiently provide multiple services and revenue streams for the same investment, so it can be seen that pv + storage is two transformational technologies that are changing the power industry. Renewable energy also has considerable potential on the development level. In the global context, investing in renewable energy is a long-term play and the industry is just starting to take off, but the sift in the energy parading has significant investment implications, creating winners and losers. PV and PV + storage will provide lower-priced energy, and capture increasing market share.

Speakers from DNV, GL, Conergy, Bank of the Philippine Islands, IFC Philippines, Pöyry Energy, SunFunder, TrinaBESS, Sungrow Power Supply, SunSource Energy, Emst & Young, QEV Philippines, ABB Philippines also carried on the thorough analysis in the form of theme lectures and panel discussion for the topics like Dispatchable Solar plus Storage Likely in “Nearterm Future”, Are Solar with Battery Storage Bankable? Electric Vehicles – The Path to A More Economically and Environmentally Advanced ASEAN ect. 

At the solar summit, Claire Marie Yvonne Lee of Bloomberg New Energy Finance explained the development opportunities of distributed Energy in emerging markets. Fiona, the Regional Head of APAC, said that with the full support of  CHINT group, Chint has established a superior position in system integration that can comprehensively build the power plants with excellent performance , exceeding 10%-15% than average. 

Two days conference not only has great collection speakers and topics, the conference also provided exhibition area, one to one meeting room and cocktail party, to build a platform for communication so that participants can meet more project developers, investors and suppliers. Both participants and speakers gave high ratings of the meeting. 

The two-day conference officially ended in the laughter and happiness. It seems like everyone I talked to is already missing the conference. After ending the ASEAN Solar + Energy Storage Congress & Expo, people have  a new expectation for the upcoming Australia Solar + Energy Storage Congress & Expo which will be held in Brisbane, on December 5th!


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